Kylie Made This Huge Change To Kylie Glosses

Change is an inevitable part of life, from your relationship status to your Facebook profile photo to your makeup. But whoa — this particular change came quickly! Kylie Jenner launched her Kylie Glosses on April 1. Yet she has already made an immediate change to the Kylie Glosses because she is a consummate businesswoman who wants to offer her fans and her paying customers the best possible product. Remember, the super shiny neutrals sold out instantly because of course they did. All Kylie Cosmetics lip product launches, like her new Metal Mattes, end with products flying out the door and remaining somewhat difficult to get.

Jenner did not change the formula of the Kylie Glosses. The thick, megawatt shine appears to be remaining in tact. But the change she did make will certainly effect application of the product and it's major. So, what did she upgrade and why?

The reality star and makeup mogul changed the brush. While Kylie Lip Kits boast a doe-footed wand, the Kylie Glosses come with a loose bristle applicator brush so you can paint your pout artfully. She is changing the bristles of the brush and making them shorter and more compact, which gives you more control and means that gloss should apply more smoothly and more evenly.

The Kylie Cosmetics official Instagram posted a Snapchat video, with the Glosses brushes side by side.

See the difference? Jenner notes that the shorter-tipped brush on the left is the one that Kylie Glosses will be using moving forward. Jenner noted in the caption that she listens to her shoppers and turns their feedback into action. She wrote, "When I saw the problem with my lip gloss brushes, I stopped all production and changed it. Life is a learning experience and we learn from our mistakes. Only a small amount of the old brushes were sold and I can now confirm that next week we are sending new brushes/glosses to EVERYONE that ordered on 4/1... Only my new brush has been available since 4/1 and on the second release we sold over 200,000 of them."

Here is the video. I ordered and received my three-pack of Kylie Glosses on April 1, so I guess I should expect my upgraded gloss with the new brush in the near future! I will keep you posted on the differences in application based on the brush. I haven't had any problem with the bristles bending or splaying... yet.

Also, notice that nugget of info that Jenner shared. She sold north of 200,000 tubes of Lip Gloss. At $15 a tube, you do the math.

This video shows the Kylie Gloss brush. Based on my eyeballing it, it actually looks like the new, shorter bristled brush here.

I love the Kylie Glosses, from the texture to the shine to the hues. But what caused her to make the change? Well, the Twitter chatter certainly put it on her radar.

There were a lot of comments like this on Twitter about the original brushes.

The brushes were not beloved.

Even fellow makeup maker Jeffree Star pointed out the inferiority of the brush want, which may have prompted her reply.

If she didn't, we might have a full on "Brushgate" on our lips... I mean hands.

Kylie Gloss fans are stoked about the brush update, though.

She is looking out for her customers.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (4)