New Jeffree Star Skin Frost Shades Are On The Way

Because a quartet of gorgeous and unique highlighter shades aren't enough! Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched four Skin Frost highlighter shades in May because #shimmer and #glow. There's Ice Cold, Peach Goddess, King Tut, and Mint Condition, all of which are currently sold out. Upon launch, Jeffree Star Cosmetics teased that four additional Skin Frosts would follow in June. Well, it's pretty much mid-July and there have been no new shade updates since Star shared an Insta video of Lavender Snow. Until now. The brand posted a sneak peek of the new Dark Horse Skin Frost. It's a golden, bronzy hue and it will blow your mind. When will Dark Horse and perhaps three other new Skin Frost colors be available to buy?

In the caption, JSC noted that the new shade is coming in August. The brand did not confirm an exact date, but at least we know when we can approximately expect it.

But let's talk about Dark Horse. It's so rich and pigmented. It looks like gold and copper milled into powder. The caption also notes that the name nods to an unexpected person rising to prominence. Is that a reference to brand founder Jeffree Star himself, who has emerged as a game changer in the makeup world in 2016? Could be!

Are you ready to observe Jeffree Star's Dark Horse Skin Frost?

It's high impact, isn't it? It's also pigment-packed. While Ice Cold offers a white patina, King Tut imparts a soft bronzing effect, and Peach Goddess boasts a fresh and pinky flush, Mint Condition has been the most "out there" shade so far since it's, you know, green. I think Dark Horse is most similar to Mint Condition with its depth and "wowza" factor.

J. Star knows how to get dat glow. His Skin Frosts are not your ordinary highlighters. They are statement-making shimmer bombs!

Star teased the new Lavender Snow shade last month, as well. Perhaps Dark Horse and Lav Snow are landing at the same time.

Obviously, with Skin Frosts, you can build coverage to glow as little or as much as you want.

Image: Jeffree Star Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Jeffree Star/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Jeffree Star (1)