10 New Netflix Releases You Need to Watch IMMEDIATELY

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The monthly announcements of Netflix's latest additions to their online streaming arsenault have become exciting events in their own right. Because time and time again, the video service has impressed us with the slew of consistently fresh new titles they add month-to-month. (To say nothing of their increasingly impressive original programming, and no, it's not all just Orange is the New Black and House Of Cards .) There are a ton available this go-around — in any and every genre imaginable — so much so that it might be hard for even the discerning eye to pick out what to watch.

So that's where we come in! With an impressive 53 titles being added to the roster it's hard to know where to begin. So we've rounded up 10 of our favorites — from the Oscar-worthy to the guiltiest of pleasures — that should be added to your To View Queue ASAP.

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