15 Cute Shower Shoes For Back To School

Going back to school or starting college can be both an exciting and frightening time. Several clichés exist around starting college (that your parents may worry about of course) that include sharing bathrooms with other people. But in reality, community-style bathrooms are not as bad as they portray them in the movies. (Remember when Cory and Topanga shared a bathroom in Boy Meets World?). The most important thing you need are cute college shower shoes, because let's face it — no one wants to walk into those barefoot.

Some people cannot imagine having community bathrooms where they have to use shower stalls that multiple people use on a daily basis. Even if you're just a germaphobe, there can be some truth to keeping your feet sanitary in community-style bathrooms. If you don't wear proper attire, such as shower shoes in the community bathrooms, you can be at risk for athlete's foot or even onychomycosis, according to an article from Popsugar.

Fungi often grows in warm environments like shower stalls, and it's easy to contract a fungus if your don't wear shower shoes — talk about a problem you don't want to have during your first year of college. People may turn their nose up to wearing shower shoes, but ultimately it could be better for your health in the end if you suck it up and find a cute pair.

So don't forget to add some shower shoes to your back-to-school shopping list because these pairs are too cute to not show off in your dorm:

1. Nike Benassi JDI Slide

Nike Benassi JDI Slide, $20, Zappos

If there's anything to remember about 2016, it's that Athleisure is an acceptable form of everyday wear. These Nike slides will help you pull the trend off, even in the shower.

2. Gucci Pursuit Slide Sandal

Gucci Pursuit Slide Sandal, $190, Neiman Marcus

You don't have to sacrifice style when wearing shower shoes. Go ahead and wear this trendy pair outside of the shower, too!

3. CrocBand LoPro Slide

CrocBand LoPro Slide, $28, Crocs

You may not like the typical Crocs shoes, but these slides have a slimmer style and look extra comfortable.

4. Adidas Originals Adilette Sliders

Adidas Originals Adilette Sliders, $35, ASOSShow some style in your college dorm with these classic Adidas sliders.

5. Orange Elongated Heart Shower Flip Flops

Orange Elongated Heart Shower Flip Flops, $24, Show A Flops

These shower shoes feature heart-shaped drainage holes so that your shoes can dry quicker.

6. On The Bright Side Slide

On The Bright Side Slide Sandal, $18, Modcloth

You can even rock the rose-gold trend in the shower.

7. Hunter Slides

Hunter Slides, $85, Hunter Boots

If Hunter Boots are perfect for the rain, these Hunter Slides will be waterproof enough for the shower.

8. Pedi Slide

Pedi Slide, $32, Show A Flops

Don't worry about slipping during your rinse. These shower slides with adjustable straps are slip-proof.

9. Women's Cala Flip Flop Sandals

Women's Cala Flip Flop Sandals, $12, Target

This pair has an extra amount of flair with the stripes on the strap.

10. Nike Benassi Duo Ultra Slide

Nike Benassi Duo Ultra Slide, $35, Zappos

The double strap on this pair is just too cute and stylish to not wear in the shower or at the pool!

11.Nike Floral Slides

Nike Benassi JDI Slide, $30, Lady Footlocker

If you want a more colorful pattern, these Nike slides will be great to show off in the community bathroom.

12. Teva Original Universal Sandals

Teva Original Universal Sandals, $50, Urban Outfitters

If you already have some waterproof sandals from the beach or pool (like these Tevas from Urban Outfitters), try them for the shower too.

13. Birkenstock Waterproof Summer Flip Flops

Birkenstock Waterproof Summer Flip Flops, $33, Far Fetch

Go green with this fun, bright pair for the shower.

14. Hudson Waterproof Rubber Flip Flop

Hudson Waterproof Rubber Flip Flop, $19, Nordstorm

Try this waterproof pair if you want more of a flip flop style instead of sliders.

15. Superjelly Rubber Flip Flops

Superjelly Rubber Flip Flops, $65, Fit Flop

If you love metallic accessories, you can still rock the trend in your dorm's community shower.

Images: Courtesy of Brands (15)