JJD's ESPY Outfit Was A Last Minute Choice

The 2016 ESPY Awards brought together the biggest athletes in the world, but of course I was looking towards the red carpet to see the best ESPY looks of 2016. And when my favorite singer/reality star/fashion designer Jessie James Decker hit up the red carpet with her football-playing husband Eric Decker, I knew I'd found my favorite look of the night. But according to her Instagram, Jessie James Decker's ESPYs jumpsuit was actually a last-minute choice that she picked out 45 minutes before she started getting ready. Um, what? How can she look this good with 45 minutes notice?

Decker showed up on the red carpet with hubby Eric in an adorable off-the-shoulder coral jumpsuit with a cutout and an thick black waistband, and the look was chic as usual. Her perfect blonde beachy waves, smokey eyes and nude lips completed the look, but the fact that she picked out her outfit 45 minutes before the show totally baffles me. How does she do it?! "I bought this lil number and shoes 45 min before it was time for me to get ready haha #lastminutegirl," Decker wrote on Instagram. And I mean, look how good she looked on the ESPYs red carpet.

Literally, #relationshipgoals right there. Here's the Instagram where Decker cops to buying her outfit less than an hour before the appearance.

Seriously, her hair is amazing. I've got to learn her secrets.

Looks like she accessorized with a chic YSL clutch as well. I'm loving this look, and I'm not the only one. Decker's fans were all about the look on Twitter.

And once again, JJD proves she's one of the most most relatable celebs around.