Kristen Wiig's Impression Of JoJo Is Priceless

One of the things I love most about being a fan of The Bachelorette is making fun of The Bachelorette, and now, I have a new favorite video that does just that. On Wednesday night's edition of The Tonight Show, Kristen Wiig impersonated JoJo Fletcher while doing an interview with Jimmy Fallon, and it's impossible not to laugh out loud while you watch it. It's not a direct impression, really — in fact, aside from the hair and the sparkly rose ceremony gown, there's nothing about Wiig that screams "JoJo" at all. From the ten minute clip, it's clear that Wiig has never actually seen the show, and that fact makes her bit all the more hilarious.

In the interview, Wiig-as-JoJo explains what her name is short for (JoJosephine, of course), tries and fails to name some of the guys from her season, and inaccurately describes what exactly goes down in the Fantasy Suite. There's not a chance Wiig has seen even a single episode of The Bachelorette after how off-base she is, and it's amazing — kind of like that time she played Harry Styles without knowing anything at all about One Direction. She even decided that Robby is her favorite, just based off of his picture.

The best part is, hands down, Wiig talking about the contestants. She called Jordan Rodgers Mark Hamill and talked at length about how against war in space she is, and nicknamed Luke "Scotchie," which is what I'll be calling him for the rest of his time on the show. She also mentioned that she and Ben don't talk because he's married (close enough) and that if she could say anything to him, she'd let him know how upset she is about the promises he made and broke — and that might have been the most accurate thing Wiig said in the whole interview. Actually, I'm still pissed about the promises Ben made to JoJo and broke.

The real genius of the whole thing was Wiig's obliviousness to the show, which is what really made it funny. If she'd been trying to actually imitate JoJo, I don't know if it would have been as good, since JoJo hasn't exactly been supplying us with catchphrases like Bachelorette stars of seasons past. Remember how Andi's was "I'm a hugger"? There's no JoJo equivalent, and that's necessary for successfully mocking someone.

And really, I hope the real JoJo is this honest in all of her post-Bachelorette interviews. Although Wiig had no idea what she was talking about, she definitely didn't hold back when she explained the kissing and touching (and fountains) that goes on in the Fantasy Suite. I don't know if a former contestant has ever described those dates in that many vivid details. Is it possible that Wiig as JoJosephine can be the next Bachelorette? I'm just saying, I'd watch!