Wiig As Harry Styles Is The Best/Worst

Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show was off to a great start after after its Feb. 17 premiere and Tuesday's episode continued the awesomeness with Kristen Wiig's impression of Harry Styles. Wiig sat through an entire interview as Harry Styles only this Harry Styles was a little... off. He doesn't have an English accent and he doesn't know the lyrics to his own song. He still looks like Harry Styles and he has a fantastic explanation for how he styles (not a pun!) his hair.

The best thing about Wiig's impression is that it doesn't try to be good. She doesn't even try to gesture or sound like Styles. This allows Wiig to make up funny things about him like how he and his band mates started the group by sending "a cassette tape to RCA" or how Styles is confident that his favorite food is "carnitas!"

It is seriously hilarious so beware if you're watching this at work. You will be that weirdo who is silently laughing at their computer. If you can make it through to the end without embarrassing yourself, there is a fabulous rendition of "You Don't Know You're Beautiful."