Here's How You Can Quickly Level Up In Pokémon GO

As a Pokémon trainer, your main goal may be defeating the Pokémon gym down the block or trying to catch 'em all. However, when it comes to becoming a Pokémon master in Niantic's world-dominating mobile app game, "Pokemon Go," it seems as if there's another point of focus that may be worth your attention: leveling up. The faster a Pokémon trainer levels up in "Pokemon Go," the faster that trainer is able to find and catch more Pokémon and, therefore, make their individual Pokémon stronger for battle. And, as it turns out, leveling up doesn't need to take as long as you might think. Here are some of the tips and tricks on how you can level up faster in "Pokemon Go."

First off, the key to leveling up is in all in the XP (experience points). The more XP you have, the closer you move towards the next level — and so on and so on. But, when it comes to gaining XP, that's where the fun begins. XP points can be accumulated through heading by Pokéstops (you get 50 XP just for doing so), catching Pokémon, battling at a gym, and evolving Pokémon, or making them stronger. This is where capturing every Pokémon you see comes into play.

Once you've already evolved one specific Pokémon, that doesn't mean that you can't keep evolving more. For example, with Pokémon such as Pidgeys, Rattatas, Weedles, and Caterpies being of the utmost abundance — and not requiring many candies to evolve as other Pokémon — it would actually make sense to evolve them into their next forms just for the sake of getting extra XP. Evolving a Pokémon can get you 500 XP points alone.

That's just the beginning when it comes to building up your Pokémon trainer experience. Another way you can level up quicker is by finally making use of those lucky eggs you may have noticed in your items. A lucky egg earns you double XP for the next 30 minutes, following when you initially click on it. If you're about to go out on a Pokémon hunt with your friends, you just used an incense, or there's a lure you've been sitting in, it might be a good time to make use of your lucky egg. And that might also be a prime time to evolve all of those extra Pokémon I was telling you about.

So put that lucky egg to use, set up a lure with your friends, and catch all of the Pidgeys you can imagine. You're on your way to becoming a true Pokémon master.

Images: Pokémon USA/Nintendo; Giphy