'The Originals' Recap: Davina Is Alive & Other Crazy Moments From "Le Grand Guignol"

There's been a HUGE shift in power in New Orleans. The big reveal of Rebekah and Marcel's secret during last week's episode had nothing on Tuesday night's new episode of The CW's The Originals. Vampires, werewolves, and witches were all dealing with the aftermath of the events of last week — especially Klaus, as he recounted the story of deception to Cami. And while he was busy with his trip down memory lane, Elijah, Hayley, Rebekah, and Marcel were seriously changing the game.

"Le Grand Guignol" picked right up where last week's episode left off and kept running until its very last moments. Tuesday night's episode was a huge gamechanger for The Originals — it shook off a lot of old, dead weight and brought us into a new and exciting position for the rest of the season with just about every character. We're impressed, CW. So here's your guide to the biggest, most surprising, and oddly sad moments from The Originals.


Elijah told Rebekah and Marcel to run as far as they possible could at the end of last week's episode because Klaus was definitely going to kill them. But because they're Rebekah and Marcel, they obviously didn't listen — and thank god for that. Instead, they hatched a master plan to revive the girls sacrificed in The Harvest and kill off Sabine and her decrepit cronies.

AND IT WORKED. Well, kind of. Rebekah and Marcel killed Bastiana, releasing her powers back into the Earth. Then they broke Davina out of the crypt and Marcel took her to her former church bedroom where SHE CAME BACK TO LIFE. The most powerful with in New Orleans is back and we can't wait to see how this will pan out.


And it was sad, goodbye kiss. Hayley, who took Sabine hostage at the end of last week's episode, turned up in werewolf territory trying to negotiate some terms to get the curse lifted from her family. Sabine agrees, surprisingly, to help and gives Hayley an elixir that will act as a countercurse. After Hayley threatens to shoot her kneecaps off. Bad-ass wolf momma.

Meanwhile, Elijah convinces Monique, by telling her that Sabine is hoarding power, to cast a locator spell on her and shortly after Hayley makes her deal, he pops in. He's all like, "You cannot trust anything she says, she is CRAZY," and Hayley's like, "this is my family and we made a deal." Elijah gives in, because this is Hayley and he loves her. Hayley wants to keep Sabine hostage until the next full moon so she can be sure that she actually lifted the curse — but Elijah is just like, "hell no, she is CRAZY." So he KISSES Hayley goodbye because his "family connection" ruined their chances to get together and now she's got family obligation and peaces out with Sabine.

Will they end up getting together? As long as Hayley doesn't fall in love with her betrothed. Ugh.


Yup. That crazy witch is dunzo and honestly, we couldn't be happier about it. Her high horse and her vendetta against Elijah's family ties was starting to get boring — considering all she did was repeat herself over and over. I guess that's what happens when you're like, a thousand years old. So, it turns out that Elijah's visit to Monique was for more than just a locater spell — apparently, she also consecrated Celeste's bones.

So, Elijah takes her to the witches' graveyard where Celeste/Sabine's cast a spell that traps Original vampires within its walls until the next moon. This was the final step in her plan to have the family obliterate itself from the inside out — by revealing Rebekah's secret and sending Klaus on a murderous war-path and then trapping them all in one place. Clever, girl — NOT.

Then she tries to get under Elijah's skin by telling him that she plans to kill herself and body jump and that he'll never be able to get close to another person again without wondering whether or not it's actually Celeste animating their body. God, she is the ultimate bitch. But Elijah isn't going to let her win because he knows a lot more than she does. In a graphic moment, Celeste buries a shard of glass into Sabine's neck so she'll bleed to death — but, PLOT TWIST, instead of body-jumping, she finds herself in her original body. She panics, begs Elijah for mercy, but he stabs her to death anyway. HELL YEAH, ELIJAH. Even though he looked a little heartbroken to be killing one of the loves of his very long life, we cheered.

The episode ended with Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah all trapped in the witches' graveyard — oh, and Klaus' indestructible, white oak stake was there too. A classic Original family party if we've ever seen one. Klaus catches a glimpse of Elijah and Rebekah taking and yells at Elijah to "get away from her." Too bad that's never going to happen — Elijah believes way too much in Klaus' underlying compassionate side and in their family to let him kill Rebekah. The twosome mobilize, fangs and veins out — it looks like we might have a fight-to-the-death next week on The Originals. Or, at least, and epic family feud.

Image: The CW