6 Things That Make Shaving So Much Faster

Shaving isn't just a pain because of how often you have to do it but also because of how long it takes each time. But if you want a faster shave so you have time for other things, it's not necessarily about running that razor over your legs in a speedy fashion. In fact, as you may have personally experienced, trying to shave quickly tends to result in more irritation and even razor burn than normal.

When you're trying to save time and cut corners, shaving mistakes are almost inevitable. I, for one, have noticed that when I try to squeeze in a shave, I use longer strokes with uneven pressure, I don't rinse my blade as often as I should, and I sometimes skimp on the shaving cream. Which, if you're familiar with some of the reasons why your shave isn't the best it could be, you'll know that these three will definitely stand in the way. So even though you probably shouldn't try to shave in half the time it usually takes you (irritation and razor burn really are the worst), there are some things that you can do or use to shave off a little of that time (sorry, I had to). Here are six of those things that will make shaving so much faster.

1. Razors With Built-In Shaving Cream

Shick Intuition Women's Razor, $9.99,

While you shouldn't rush a shave, you can skip a step by choosing a razor that already has built-in shaving cream. All you need is water, and you're good to go.

2. Shower Stools

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Sometimes shaving takes longer than it should because there's no good place to prop up your foot. Balancing acts in the shower are awkward (and even dangerous). So to gain more control over your shave, and perhaps speed up the process a bit, try a shower stool if you don't already have a ledge to lean on.

3. New Razors

Vikings Blade Double Edge Safety Razor, $32.97,

As Schick & Skintimate Partner Dermatologist, Dr. Annie Chiu, previously informed me via email, a dull razor is prone to leaving behind stubble, which could cause the need for multiple passes over the same spot for a thorough shave. So you can reduce the time it takes to adequately remove hair, use a fresh blade that only requires one pass for a close shave.

4. Multitasking

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If you have other steps in your shower that you need to tackle while you shave, do them simultaneously. For example, apply products that need time to work like hair and facial masks before you start shaving. That way, shaving won't feel like an extra, time-consuming step. Instead, it will only take up the time you were going to use to do something else anyway.

5. Using Thin Layers Of Shaving Cream

eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream, $3.39,

Although Dr. Chiu further explained that you should never skip shaving cream as it helps prevent nicks and cuts, you still don't need layers upon layers of shaving cream for a good shave. In fact, layering up too much will only slow down your shave. All of that cream will just clog your blades faster, causing you to have to rinse your razor more often than necessary.

6. Exfoliating In Advance

L'Occitane Almond Delicious Paste, $42,

While exfoliating helps prep your skin for a closer and smoother shave, you don't have to wait until right before you shave to exfoliate. In fact, Dr. Chiu even warned that exfoliating 24 hours in advance of a shave could result in some irritation. So exfoliating isn't an extra step in your shave routine, set a schedule for when to exfoliate. Your shave will feel so much faster when you aren't worried about the preparation.

Images: Courtesy of Brands