8 Simple Ways To Feel More Confident In Yourself

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Confidence is a trait that can come and go pretty quickly — even if you feel on top of the world, one statement from a judgmental stranger can make everything come crashing down. Luckily, there are ways to feel more confident in yourself, your capabilities, and the situations you have to deal with. And since confidence can truly make all the difference, it's important to have a few simple methods under your belt that will raise your confidence levels to amazing degrees.

First, it's important to know that all of us have confidence dips from time to time. Self-esteem isn't an issue that disappears after you graduate high school. Failures, rejections, and feeling like you're just not good enough are all the sucky parts of life that occur from time to time, and they're totally normal, as long as you can get a good handle on it. For example, if you're feeling not-so-confident, hiding in your room with the lights out for a full day will only make the problem a lot worse. (Even though sure, it seems like a good idea. Any idea involving staying in bed always seems like a wonderful plan, let's be honest.)

Before the lack of confidence gets you down, here are a few ways to boost yourself back up.

1. Turn yourself into a work of art

If you're feeling less confident due to a breakout, or maybe just feeling a little self-conscious over a physical change, a good way to see the beauty within is to, literally, turn yourself into a painting. Download the app Prisma, and take a solid selfie. Then, run it through some of the amazing filters and feel amazed by the results. The best part? The app is free, and harmless fun. If you can get a new profile picture out of the deal, even better.

2. Try out a new hairstyle

Be bold and daring. If you're feeling a little blah since your hair has been up in a ponytail for the last two weeks based on this awful humidity, treat yourself to some well deserved pampering. The best way to get out of a rut is to dare yourself to do something you've always wanted to do. If that's mermaid hair, or perhaps a Biolage treatment, you should go for it. Have you been wanting to try out a pixie cut for a while? Chat with your stylist, and give it a shot.

3. Meditate

Have you ever meditated before? It's a nice little practice that'll take you out of the real world for a few moments. Not only does meditation calm your mind, but it brings you a little bit of inner peace. An app like Headspace, free and available for both Android and iOS, is a good program that'll help get you started. Each session lasts 10 minutes to give beginners a good feel on how to meditate. If you love it, you can pay to upgrade. All in all, it'll calm you down and make you feel really good about yourself.

4. Compliment yourself every morning

You're a great person, gosh darn it. But sometimes criticism might make you knock yourself down a few pegs — if not the whole ladder. Complimenting yourself isn't some kind of ego-raising practice, but it's a refresher that you are you for a reason, and you deserve to feel great about yourself. Forget about the negatives, and focus solely on the positives. Putting just a minute aside to boost yourself up every day will make quite a difference.

5. Create your own LOL playlist

Everyone has a few things that make them crack up, no matter what. It's really true that laughter is the best medicine — in fact, it removes stress, diminishes tension, and best of all, improves your mood. Having quick access to your ultimate favorite funny videos or TV shows is a great way to naturally feel a lot more calm and a lot less bummed.

6. Go for a run

Your body is a magnificent thing, so obviously you want to take care of it — and it'll reward you with some much-needed endorphins. Even if you're not a natural runner, you'll be surprised how much easier it gets if you put the time and dedication in. You'll impress yourself so much by the milestones you'll create, and it'll start becoming a little therapeutic. Start slow, don't forget the sunscreen, and feel instantly better about yourself.

7. Stop slouching

We all slouch on occasion. Personally, my posture is all out of whack due to being one of the taller kids back in school. But, now I'm adult, and realize that my "natural" posture makes me look like I'm not proud of anything I've ever accomplished. It's true that standing up straight can definitely give you a small boost of confidence, and hey — if you start working on your posture now, you'll likely avoid a lot of back issues later. You can't lose.

8. Start trusting yourself

If you believe that there's nothing you can't do, you'll start acting that way. Most of the time, your brain is the only thing setting you back. Once you start truly trusting yourself and your capabilities, you'll gain confidence that you didn't even know you had. Just remember that any kind of criticism is just an excuse to get stronger, and not a reason to stop.

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