The 'Ghostbusters' Writers Have No Time For Haters

As the great American poet and songwriter Taylor Swift once said, "And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate" but we must carry on and "shake, shake, shake, shake, shake." The hate and shake algorithm is exemplified in the way the Katie Dippold, the co-writer of Ghostbusters (along with director Paul Feig) handled the immediate backlash of the all-lady reboot. In an interview with Time, Dippold shared a number of interesting factoids, but the best is the Ghostbuster writer's reaction to haters.

Since the announcement of the reboot in 2014, the inter-waves have been clogged with the cries of the terribly beleaguered internet trolls, who Dippold says in her Time interview announced things like "Listen, I am not sexist. I’m telling you, I’m just worried, because women just can’t handle that kind of comedic dialogue and action." These people were certain that an all-female Ghostbusters would literally ruin their childhood. While Dippold surely had the capacity to shake it off, she admits that during the writing process she would, "be writing and look at the Internet comments and then go back to writing." So it should come as no surprise that a little jab at the gender-obsessed trolls comes out in the film.

The "shake" in retaliation to the "hate" comes in a scene when the Ghostbusters read the YouTube comments on one of their first paranormal hunting videos. They read a line which is a clapback at all the ridiculousness of the trolls, "Ain’t no b*tches gonna hunt no ghosts!” According to Dippold's interview with Time, the original line was, "I wanna slap dem with dis d*ck!" which is directly pulled from comments sections in regards to the film.

But that isn't all. Dippold believes that, above all, "the movie is the response.” The haters could hate, hate, hate all they wanted but a movie with an incredibly talented group of female backing it — a woman as a writer, four women in the lead roles — still managed to get made and find its way into theaters. There's even a video game coming soon.

It is 2016, and the haters can take that hate and just shake along with the rest of us. Women can be just as funny as men, movies and shows with female characters are interesting, and, despite all of these facts, the world hasn't crumbled in on itself. We're gonna make it, y'all. Isn't that nice?

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