20 #PokemonABook Tweets To Make You Smile

Two decades after the original Gameboy titles took the world by storm, Pokemon has returned to the forefront of pop culture. Now, book nerds who love the monster-training games are flexing every pun muscle they have to share their very best #PokemonABook tweets.

Started by Bustle writer Amy Sachs and picked up by the Barnes & Noble Teens Blog, #PokemonABook tasks participants with replacing words in book titles with the names of Pokémon. A Kiss before Dying becomes A Smoochum before Dying, and so forth.

Publishers, writers, and readers alike jumped on the #PokemonABook trend, but some couldn't resist the chance to throw a little shade at "Pokemon Go." Poking fun at early issues with the mobile title, eNotes offered up The Fault in Our Servers , which is honestly pretty great, as puns go.

If you haven't participated yet, don't worry. The #PokemonABook trend is still going strong, so you've got plenty of time to add your own punny tweets to the mix. For extra oomph, show off your Photoshop skills and let us see the covers of your newly Pokémon'd books.

Here are 20 of the best #PokemonABook tweets, sure to bring a smile to even the most curmudgeonly faces.

Image: TV Tokyo