When Can You Buy The Puma Fierce Brights? Get These Colorful Kicks On This Date

A new Puma sneaker drop is coming soon. No, it's not another round of the crazy successful and still-coveted Rihanna Creepers, either. Kylie Jenner teased the new Puma Fierce Brights collection via a contest on her app. Jenner is giving away a few pairs of Puma Fierce Brights to the eligible fans who come up with the most creative, three-word description for the footwear. There is a white pair, a yellow pair, and a hot pink pair; the latter hues are the same shades as college textbook highlighters! These bright babies will add a pop of color to any ensemble, that's for sure. Besides the current Kylie Jenner contest, which ends later today, when can you buy the Puma Fierce Brights?

Next month, actually. Bustle reached out to Puma PR reps via email, who responded that the shoes are scheduled to go on sale on Thursday, August 18. That is pretty much all we know right now. So if you are aren't able to snag a pair of the Puma Fierce Brights in advance through the Kylie Jenner contest, mark your calendar for August 18 so you can shop accordingly.

The Puma Fierce Brights are unforgettable athletic trainers. Pair them with an all-black or all-white outfit for a colorful boost. Witness the Puma Fierce Brights below.

If you rock these on an early evening jog, they will add a measure of safety to your outfits since other pedestrians or motorists will see you and your kicks.

Jenner is a Puma spokesmodel and has been appearing in some super retro adds, hawking the classic suede Pumas.

Pumas and payphones! Remember those relics from another era? I love seeing a millennial like Jenner using a payphone in this image.

Good luck shopping the Puma Fierce Brights next month. They can be your go-to sneaker of the fall.

Images: Courtesy of Puma (1); Puma/Instagram (2)