What Does Luke Know In 'Star Wars Episode 7'? Mark Hamill Gave Fans Some Context & An 'Episode 8' Tease

It's the sneaky question that every fan is dying to know: What is Luke Skywalker thinking at the end of Star Wars Episode VII ? After all, if we know that, then we might know a little something about whether or not Rey is related to the franchise's first hero. Unfortunately, we aren't going to get that much of a short cut. At his Q&A during the Star Wars Celebration Europe, Mark Hamill spoke a bit about the new movie's cliffhanger ("literally a cliffhanger," as he also noted that Luke is actually standing on the edge of a cliff). Unfortunately, despite the fact that Hamill said he's in his "old recluse phase" of his career, the actor was careful not to spill too much.

As it turns out, Hamill had the same question for J.J. Abrams. "What does Luke know? Does he know Han Solo is in danger?" he said about his own questions, adding that not knowing actually had a very important effect on the film. "If you don’t tell the audience, it’s really not about me anymore, it’s not my story. It’s a story of Rey, and Finn, and Poe and all of them, which is the way it should be," said the beloved actor, before thankfully confirming that we will learn more about Luke is thinking... eventually. (We'd better, or there are going to be a lot of very restless fans out there.)

Hamill also spoke a bit about what we can expect from the dialogue in Episode VII. Of course, he didn't say much about the content, just that "It'll make you forget all about 'May the force be with you." That's a ridiculously tall order, considering that phrase has transcended nerd culture to become a widely used piece of pop culture, but it still gives me hope that we'll all love Episode VIII. (Although, was anyone truly worried about that?)

Beyond that, Hamill couldn't offer much about the big reveal that every single Star Wars fan is waiting for. No matter the clue (or trick, like one fan at the Q&A who slyly slipped in "What's Rey's last name again?" as a follow-up question), Hamill's lips are sealed and beyond what's written on the page, the actor says he can't offer much.

"I love people knowing so much and focusing on every minute detail... and of course the disappointment on your faces when you actually meet me and I have no idea what I’m talking about," he said.

That's OK, dude. Keep doling out dad jokes on Twitter and bringing it on the big screen and I'm pretty sure we'll all forgive you.

Image: Walt Disney Pictures/GifIt