The 'Stranger Things' Finale Has Many Cliffhangers

Have you already marathoned the latest Netflix series, like a good book that you just can't put down? If you did, or don't mind a plethora of spoilers for Stranger Things Season 1 finale, then let's talk about that ending. Is Eleven dead on Stranger Things ? The show ends on uncertain terms for her character that could set up a whole new set of mysteries.

First of all, did the finale remind anyone else of The Lord of the Rings, specifically Return of the King? Not only did the boys' reunion give me major hobbit vibes, but the final chunk of the finale included various codas for different characters — much like the final film ends about five times, to the point of ridicule. The Return of the King novel has even more endings, but we're not here to talk about the scouring of the Shire right now. At the end of Stranger Things, Eleven, also known as El and/or Jane, saves the day and kills the monster using her powers, telling Mike "goodbye" right before doing so. The monster explodes and we don't see what happens to her next, except that she's gone. Did Eleven sacrifice herself to save the group?

In a way, yes, but I'm pretty sure she's not dead. One month later, we spot Chief Hopper taking food from the station Christmas party to a small box in the woods. Included in the bundle is a couple of Eggo waffles, which we recognize as Eleven's favorite. That makes me think that she's still out there, living in the Upside Down.

While this is a relief, it also makes me wonder what Hopper is up to and who he's working for at this point. After the battle, he willingly got in a car and was taken away for some mysterious reason — maybe a debriefing — that I'm still scratching my head over. Is he working with the government now? Or is he Eleven's rogue father figure now? Either way, I'm glad that there's still more to Eleven's story and hopefully Stranger Things gets a Season 2 that can explore that!

Images: Netflix