Gwendoline Christie Led A Nice Attacks Tribute At Star Wars Celebration Europe & It Was Incredibly Moving

While an entire convention center was bursting at the seams to see spoilers and details from Rogue One, an entire auditorium agreed to sit in silence with solidarity and in honor of the victims of the Nice attacks at the Star Wars Celebration in London. Actress Gwendoline Christie, who plays Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens and was leading the Star Wars Celebration Europe panel on Rogue One, made sure that fans took a moment to remember what happened the night before.

In response, some French fans in the audience began singing the French National anthem. On a day when many might feel guilty for running around a Star Wars convention in jubilation, considering the pain reverberating throughout Europe, it was beautiful to see that no one forgot what was truly important.

The moment was also incredibly important to make time for considering the nature of the Rogue One story. After all, it is about war and features lots of explosions and fighting. It would be a bit strange to move into a panel discussing such a film without pausing to recognize the very real pain of such things that has very recently touched real people in the real world. Thankfully, fans were on the same page with Christie's idea and the result was a sweet, touching moment.