Newsflash: Kate Bosworth Makes a Stunning Redhead

Just when you thought she couldn't look any more beautiful, Kate Bosworth decided to dye her hair red, proving that she can make any shade of the rainbow look good. Jealousy abounds.

Of course, she didn't completely volunteer to ditch her dreamy blonde locks. Bosworth went rouge for her latest film project Still Alice. The fashion "It" girl was first spotted on the set of the upcoming movie in New York with her strawberry-hued hair.

While red may not look good on everyone, the fiery-colored 'do looks absolutely stunning on Bosworth. The vibrant color contrasted against her pale skin makes her delicate features stand out even more.

The actress took to her Twitter account last night to share an up close photo of her new hair, with the caption that read: "Strawberry Fields #StillAlice."

Bosworth isn't the only redhead on the set of Still Alice. She stars alongside famous auburn-haired actress Julianne Moore as well as Kristen Stewart, who donned a golden red 'do in 2010.

We're fairly certain this isn't a permanent look for Bosworth, but it sure is fun to spice things up with a hair makeover every now and then. Just ask Nicole Richie.

Image: Twitter/KateBosworth