The Donald Trump & Mike Pence Logo Probably Meant Well... Right?

After confirming that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence would be his running mate, Donald Trump also unveiled a new Trump-Pence logo. The joint campaign logo, which appeared in a recent email sent out by Trump's Make America Great Again fundraising committee, is modeled after the American flag. The left side of the logo features an interlocking T and P — the candidates' last initials — in a blue font, and the right side features four red and three white stripes. Below the flag design is Trump's name in a blue font, with Pence's name appearing below it in a smaller, red font. And of course, the bottom of the logo includes the "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan for which Trump has been notorious.

While the logo was clearly intended to convey a patriotic sentiment, it didn't take Twitter users long to find the logo's design confusing and even suggestive. The presence of an interlocking T and P reminded some people of toilet paper, while others thought the design was of a more sexual nature. Still others found the logo poorly designed, and offered up possible alternatives. Given how many memes and jokes have followed the announcement that Pence would be Trump's VP pick, it is unsurprising that their joint logo was received in a similar manner.

The tweets starting off simple enough, with users sharing what it looked like and screenshotting the email from the Make America Great Again Committee. But as people had a little more time to look at it, they had some thoughts:

Of course, toilet paper wasn't all the logo reminded people of.

A couple of people were a little nicer and proposed some alternative logos:

Whether or not Trump and his campaign realize their mistake — or acknowledge that this logo is an accurate representation of what they've been saying — remains to be seen. But this election cycle has seen a host of poorly designed campaign logos, so it's not as though this is something new and surprising. Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's logo was also mocked on social media for awhile. As Vox's Tara Golshan wrote, "We have all seemingly forgotten about Clinton’s logo over the past year. Maybe someday, years from now, we will manage to forget about the Trump-Pence one too."