Mike Pence Memes & Jokes Have Hit The Internet

Update: On Friday via one simple tweet, Donald Trump confirmed Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is his Vice Presidential running mate.

Earlier: On Thursday, news broke that Indiana governor Mike Pence is Donald Trump's potential Vice President nominee, as reported by Reuters. Almost immediately, of course, Mike Pence memes and jokes hit the internet, because, well... that's what the internet does. The Trump campaign has not confirmed the news; the official announcement is expected to happen on Friday. Said senior communications advisor Jason Miller on Twitter, “A decision has not been made by Mr. Trump. He will be making a decision in the future and will be announcing his Vice Presidential pick tomorrow at 11 am as planned." However, folks on Twitter and other popular social media sites are having a field day with the possibility of a Pence VP in the meantime.

While some people aren't too surprised that Pence may be Trump's VP — he has been reported as being on the shortlist for the position — it's still a somewhat surprising option to many. Pence doesn't put on quite the show that Trump does, leading a quieter life, although he is publicly known for his strong Christian faith. In fact, he could very well help get the support of conservative voters still on the fence. According to Pence's website, he has a long list of accomplishments since taking office, including adding over 100,000 private sector jobs and providing health care to low-income people.

People already have their opinions of the potential Vice President nominee; but I'm not here to talk about that. All I've got... is this.

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