Details From 'Rogue One' That You Need To See

There is a lot to celebrate right now if you are a Star Wars fan. Not only did the Star Wars Celebration Europe panel on Rogue One reveal quite a bit about the new movie, it also delivered a huge Rogue One sizzle reel of characters and other goodies that are sure to enchant us when the film finally hits the big screen. While many of us were particularly focused on just how much Jyn Erso does in this footage (guilty), when you get around to viewing #356 or so, you might want to start cataloguing some important details, such as the creatures we see all over this thing or the nods to the original films.

There is a lot to appreciate, from director Gareth Edwards' clear obsession with the original films (which is good to see since we're trusting him with legacy and all) and his dedication to bring something new to the table, to the sheer amount of action we see in this brief glimpse into the film's world. Anyone who was unsure about this non-Episode film rousing Star Wars fans just as much as the others is surely eating their words now. This thing looks absolutely incredible, thanks in part to moments like this:

The Part Where Diego Luna Looks Just Like Han Solo On Hoth

But don't shoot him please, stormtrooper dude.

The Part Where Diego Luna Looks Like Pensive Han Solo

I mean, this has to be intentional, right?

All The New Faces & Creatures

That last one is sure to be a favorite.

One Very Familiar And Very Important Face

Warwick Davis, who played Wicket the Ewok in Return of The Jedi, is in this one too.

Another Slightly Familiar Face

A blue Admiral Ackbar? I'll take it.


Is this a dream?

This Sandstorm Action Sequence

Can it be Rogue One premiere day now, please?

The Part Where Jyn Is A Total Badass

Oh, wait. That's the whole damn thing.

Images: Lucasfilm/Disney (12)