The 'Rogue One' Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows Felicity Jones Killing Every Single Action Scene

In addition to announcing some pretty amazing news (James Earl Jones is def coming back as Darth Vader in Rogue One ), Disney released an incredible new Rogue One Behind-The-Scenes footage video that proves one very important thing: Jyn Erso and the woman who plays her, Felicity Jones, are amazing. While the footage is hugely important, as it gives us a great glance at what the heck is going on this Star Wars Story, it's also something I have been waiting years for, before I even knew it was a possibility: There is another female Star Wars character who's down in the gritty muck, kicking ass and taking names. I am grateful for the wonderful, amazing Rey, I really am. But to have two of these female protagonists and for one to be down in the gritty muck, getting knocked down and getting back up to fight another day like so many of the non-Jedi protagonists we love so much? That's frankly, pretty magical.

In the extended footage reel we see Jyn dodge enemies while running down the beach, weathering explosions, and getting blasted by wind and water. And throughout it all, Jones exudes what I can only call complete and total ferocity. OK, I could also call it badassery and a lot of other things, but I'll keep it brief.

Star Wars UK on YouTube

This showing is especially satisfying when you look back to April 2016, when some fans were apparently miffed by the presence of someone who isn't a man at the center of another Star Wars movie. There were those who thought that the idea of a woman leading a rebellion was "unrealistic." (This, you have an issue with, but an intangible force that lets you summon objects from across the room was OK? Also, here's a list of female-led rebellions in case you're still confused.) Some felt that two female protagonists was simply too much. (As if half the population only deserves one of seven-plus movies to have a hero who resembles them.) And there were those who seemed to think Rey & Jyn exist solely for their sexual fantasies. (I'm not going to dignify this one with a response.)

Without directly addressing those whiny folks, this footage shoots down any "evidence" they have to support their arguments aside from pure sexism. And even with that in mind, the real reason I was cheering throughout this video was not because of the clapback element of the whole affair, but because it is, quite simply, really freaking awesome.

Image: Lucasfilm/Disney