So, #tampongate Is A Thing That Happened Today In Texas

The anti-abortion bill in Texas that was stopped by a filibuster June 25 returned to the state Senate Friday, after passing the Texas House of Representatives Tuesday night by a 98-49 vote. It then passed a Texas Senate committee, setting up the Senate vote.

Oh, and this also happened on Friday: state troopers confiscated tampons, sanitary napkins, and other 'potential projectiles' from those entering the Texas capitol to watch the debate and the vote.

Right, like we feminists are always plotting. We be throwing tampons all night long.

You know what else can be used as a projectile? By this logic, pretty much anything. And here's a fun twist: guns, which are typically permitted in the state capitol, were still allowed.

Because of the backlash, and because of Sen. Kirk Watson (D), tampon confiscation ended late Friday.

Luckily, the wonderful ladies (and men) of Twitter responded with a torrent of #tampongate tweets. Between #tampongate and #motorcyclevagina, Twitter is quickly proving two things: 1. We need feminism, and 2. Contrary to mainstream belief, feminists are hilarious. Not that we really needed Twitter to back us up on either count, but still.