These Trump & Pence Logo Jokes Mock The Fact That It Looks Like, Well, You Know

Well, it's official: Donald Trump has picked Indiana governor Mike Pence to be his running mate, after weeks of speculation, and even a last-minute postponement (ostensibly due to Thursday's terrorist attack in Nice, France) that he ultimately blew off. It's been widely regarded as a move aimed at shoring up support among anti-Trump voters within his own party, owing to the fact that Pence has a stridently conservative track record. But forget about all that for now, because right now there are jokes to be made ― Twitter is mocking the new Trump-Pence campaign logo, because it looks just a little bit odd.

In what way, you ask? Let's just say the new logo has a distinctly erotic look. Despite there being countless ways to arrange a T and a P together that avoid any salacious imagery ― just tuck the P inside the right-side crook of the T and you're golden, right? ― the powers that be opted for a decided more... penetrative design.

Namely, the bottom of the T is inside the loop of the P, and man, even that description sounds weirdly dirty. Basically, it's making everyone think of, yeah, ya know. Here are some of the jokes that are flying around since the logo was released ― for what it's worth, the Trump campaign itself wasn't responsible for this particular logo (it was part of a joint fundraising committee email, according to Nick Corasaniti of The New York Times), which means you better get all your laughs in before the inevitable re-brand.

Of course, there are non-sexual reasons the logo is funny, too ― the unavoidable relationship between the initials "TP" and toilet paper, for example. This is especially appropriate given all the Trump-themed toilet paper that's already out there ― any major party politician will be on the receiving end of that kind of juvenile merchandising now and then.

Of course, some people were just taken aback by the production quality.

Regardless of your take on the Trump-Pence logo, it'll be fascinating to see whether the candidate himself ever addresses this brouhaha. While it'd typically be unthinkable for a presidential candidate to publicly comment on a lewd-looking logo, this is the candidate who (by way of quotation) called Ted Cruz a "p---y," and used some of his primary debate time to talk up his penis size on national television. What new indignities could be waiting around the corner? Only time will tell.