'The Edge of Seventeen' Trailer Has A Great Song

Every now and then a trailer comes along with a song that is absolutely perfect for it. And the song from The Edge of Seventeen trailer is definitely that. Not only does the song seem absolutely perfect for a movie about a young girl coming-of-age, the fact that it is a remake of a classic adds a whole other layer of timeless charm to the trailer.

Because this song really is timeless, just like the feeling of being 17 of coming of age. The song, of course, is “Help” by the Beatles. Although in this version, instead of those infamous crooners from across the pond, Howie Day sings this well known lyrics of the song. This new take on “Help” takes on a whole new meaning when paired with The Edge of Seventeen trailer. In it we watch as Nadine, a high school girl who is almost 17, navigates the trenches leading up to adulthood. As the trailer progresses Nadine’s relationships with her best friend, her brother, and everyone else around her start to deteriorate right when she needs them the most.

So it makes sense that a song like “Help” would be included in a trailer like this. The song makes sense lyrically. As Howie Day sings about not feel self-assured and needing help from someone around him, it seems to perfectly mirror Nadine’s own experience. She, too, is struggling to know herself and find people who support her as she shrugs off old friends and seeks the help of new ones.

So coupling this classic song with a trailer about a topic that so many people can relate to really does help to give this movie — and the things Nadine is experiencing in it — a timeless quality. Because who hasn’t felt the inner turmoil and terror of being on the cusp of 17? Anyone who has reached adulthood has, which is what makes this movie so totally relatable. And the decision to include Howie Day’s rendition of “Help” makes this connection even more apparent for the audience.

We’ve all been where Nadine is in this trailer. The confusion of coming-of-age is a totally timeless experience, and including such a classic song in the trailer — a song that many generations before Nadine’s grew up listening to — reinforces the fact that, when it comes to living life, some things never change.

Image: STX Entertainment