7 Twirliest Stevie Nicks Songs for Her AHS Cameo

The witches of New Orleans' most insane coven are welcoming a visit from the ultimate Queen of All This Gauzy and Ethereal, Stevie Nicks. American Horror Story: Coven returns to FX tonight in a big way, and it seems as though Fiona has some tricks up her sleeve that involve the Fleetwood Mac singer. Trying to figure out the next Supreme, perhaps? Emotional manipulation is totally Fiona's game (and not all that surprising, considering) and she's desperate to figure out the answer, which may involve the current Supreme contender, swamp witch Misty Day (played by Lily Rabe). Seems as though tonight's episode — titled, of course, "The Magic of Stevie Nicks" —

After all the death that happened in the mid-season finale (hopefully some of it will actually stick), a little levity would be all-too-welcome in the delightfully dark series. And who else brings more light with her than the White Witch herself? We figured each girl deserves the power of Stevie — why should Misty Day get to have all the fun just because she was there first? So we've come up with a list of some of Stevie's twirliest songs, and which witch they're perfect for.

Lest you have any fears that the episode might be bereft of twirling, fear not! E! has a clip from tonight's episode that proves there will be many a spin spun throughout the eve's events. Nothing like working a fringed-out shawl to make a girl feel supreme, am I right?

Fiona's Twirling Tune - "Gold Dust Woman"

WIth lyrics like "Rock on, gold dust woman / Take your silver spoon and dig your grave" and "Rulers make bad lovers / You better put your kingdom up for sale, up for sale," it's easy to see why this Fleetwood Mac tune is perfect for the ruthless Supreme.

Misty Day's Twirling Tune - "Rhiannon"

The ultimate twirling tune of Stevie's is perfect for the swamp witch. And appropriate.

Zoe's Twirling Tune - "Edge of Seventeen"

I mean could the lyrics "He was no more / (He was no more) / Than a baby then / Well, he seemed broken hearted / Somethin' within him / But the moment / That I first laid / Eyes on him / All alone on the edge of seventeen" match up more perfectly with her relationship with Kyle (Evan Peters)?

Queenie's Twirling Tune - "Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)"

We can't help but imagine this as some sick, strange lovesong between Queenie and the terrifying man-bull beast.

Cordelia's Twirling Tune - "Leather and Lace"

A duet perfect for the woman who's married to a witch hunter.

Nan's Twirling Tune - "Dreams"

"Now here I go again / I see the crystal visions / I keep my visions to myself" might've been good advice for Nan prior to throwing down with mama Joan (Patti LuPone).

Madison's Twirling Tune - "Wild Heart"

Madison's life has been a fractured one, so the lyrics of "Wild Heart" — "Something in my heart died last night" is the first line — make the tune feel like her spirit song.

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