Here's What Makes The Maliboo Lip Kit Different

If you’re a fan of the Kylie Cosmetics brand (and you know you are) then you know by now that pretty much no one makes a better neutral lipstick than Kylie Jenner. But, now that she’s got quite a few similarly-colored lippies in her collection, you may be wondering how her latest Maliboo Lip Kit is different from the other nude shades. Because seriously, who knew there could be this many variations on a natural-looking pout?

Leave it to Jenner to keep adding shades you didn’t even know existed to the neutral spectrum. She’s got everything from the very pink/nude Koko K to the tan Exposed shade and the brown True Brown K in the line-up. And now, it’s time to make room for yet another similar color. After seeing Maliboo at first glance you may have thought, “OK, another nude lipstick,” like I did. But, Jenner pointed out the main distinction on social media. After closer inspection, you’ll notice that Maliboo has a much more cool tone than the others in the collection.

Many of her other neutrals have a warm undertone, but Maliboo takes a different approach to the nude lip look. It’s almost a little gray, blue compared to the very orange-y, warm Exposed shade, for example. So, don’t worry, you guys, Jenner’s not giving you the same old products over and over again. Instead, she’s constantly thinking of new ways to put a spin on a classic, and you’ve got to appreciate that.

Here's the very cool Maliboo.

And the warmer Exposed, just for comparison.

Koko K's definitely a little more on the pink side.

Dolce K's much darker than Maliboo. So, see? The girl's got range.

Maliboo is gorgeous in the sunlight.

It's going to perfectly complete your minimal makeup kind of look.

Because it's just subtle enough and just dark enough, you know what I mean?

Images: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1); kylizzlemynizzle/Snapchat (2)