This Is Kylie Jenner's New Favorite Lip Kit Shade

Kylie Cosmetics has come a long way since its debut with three lip kits back in November. With new formulations and a plethora of shades, it's a powerhouse of lippies. So what is Kylie Jenner's favorite lip kit shade? While she's had two favorites before her latest, the newest shade she's chosen as her baby makes the most sense. So what is Jenner's favorite lip kit? Turns out it's not even one of her latest releases, and it's not one of her early shades, either.

Kylie Jenner's favorite lip kit is Exposed. The brownish nude shade is completely on trend and harkens back to the all matte '90s look that made Jenner's makeup game so famous. If you follow the youngest of the Kardashian and Jenner clan on her social media, you'll know that when Exposed originally debuted, the Kylie Cosmetics creator when ham on her social media swatching, showing off packaging, and generally hyping up her latest kit. While she is known to do this it seemed as though the level at which she did it for Exposed was higher than her other launches.

Plus, Exposed was set apart from other launches because Jenner publicly announced that she'd been wearing the new shade exclusively for weeks leading up to the launch. Despite her plethora of other lip kits to rock, Jenner chose to wear Exposed for weeks on end.

While Dead of Knight may have gotten its very own photoshoot, that apparently didn't mean that it was Jenner's favorite lip kit. While 22 has been her go-to in the past and Candy K will seemingly always have a special place in her heart, Exposed is her true love — at least for now.

The nude lip features an orange undertone that separates it from Jenner's other shades like Candy K. According to Jenner, the undertone gives it a true nude appearance rather than it having a pink tint that Candy K or Dolce K.

So, if you've been wondering which lip kit to buy during Jenner's next restock, you can always take a cue from the creator herself. Since Jenner's favorite lip kit is Exposed, it's now a no brainer on what your next purchase from Kylie Cosmetics should be.