Breakfast Treats For Every Coffee Lover

Coffee is so much more than just a hot (or iced, or cold-brewed) beverage. It's an essential morning ritual that helps you take on a hectic day. It's a reason to meet and catch up with dear old friends. It's a familiarly pleasing smell wafting from the kitchen on a Saturday morning — but mostly, it just tastes delicious and leaves you feeling energized in the morning.

For coffee lovers, enjoying a mug of their favorite brew is about as essential as eating breakfast, so wouldn't it be fun (and delicious) to pair the drink with breakfast foods featuring coffee as a main ingredient? A double whammy! Think: sweet sticky buns, fresh doughnuts, warm pancakes, and more with coffee already baked inside. It's just plain efficient! And for the record, we do not think drinking coffee and eating it in the same meal is redundant at all.

We partnered with Folgers® to round up suggestions for delicious coffee-themed breakfast goodies you can make for your next brunch or any time you need a sweet pick-me-up. They'll be sure to put a smile on your face and a pep in your step.

1. Baked Chocolate Doughnuts With Coffee Glaze

What's a duo that rivals peanut butter and jelly in terms of perfection? Try coffee and doughnuts. This creative recipe combines the time-honored pairing together for something truly special. Seriously, what could be better than a coffee glaze?

Recipe on The Denver Housewife

2. Mocha Chip Biscotti

Whether or not you normally love biscotti, this recipe will make you a believer in the super-crunchy cookies. Plus, the fact that coffee can so seamlessly be integrated sure doesn't hurt either. The hazelnuts in this recipe bring out the coffee flavor quite nicely, as does the touch of chocolate.

Recipe on Sally's Baking Addiction.

3. Tiramisu Pancakes

Here's an ingenuous way to basically eat dessert for breakfast. Made much like the lady fingers in the original Italian treat, these pancakes are soaked in espresso prior to serving.

Recipe on A Dash of Soul.

4. Coffee-Infused Muffins

The muffin — the ultimate grab-and-go breakfast staple — gets a huge, flavorful jolt in this simple but flavor-packed recipe fueled by instant coffee. Even if you typically only eat the tops of muffins, you won't want to leave a single moist crumb of this goodie uneaten.

Recipe on Sweet As A Cookie.

5. Coffee Caramelized Croissant French Toast Sticks

These aren't just any French toast sticks, made with regular loaf bread. These are made with croissants (making them extra-French, non?) and caramelized in coffee and brown sugar. They're also served with coffee maple syrup and coconut whipped cream. Downright heavenly.

Recipe on Half Baked Harvest.

6. Coffee Sticky Buns

Sticky buns were made for slow-moving Sunday mornings. These are extra special thanks to coffee in the fillings and glaze. What's better than glaze, honestly?

Recipe on Overtime Cook.

7. Coffee Pancakes

This is a perfect and easy recipe for good ol' fashioned pancakes with one delightful additional ingredient. You know where this is going: coffee! Instant coffee to be exact, which makes it pretty simply to make without sacrificing flavor. This pancakes are made to be doused in maple syrup so don't hold back.

Recipe on A Cozy Kitchen.

8. Chocolate Espresso Waffles with Caramelized Bananas

There's a lot going on here and frankly, I like all of it. Chocolate and espresso go great together, as do chocolate and bananas, so combining them all is just perfect. Bonus: this recipe happens to be gluten-free!

Recipe on Tending the Table.

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