NYC's Best Places for Crying in Public :'(

Ever had an emotional breakdown on the subway? A crying fit while walking down Broadway? Thanks to the NYC Crying Guide Tumblr, there's now a go-to source for those times when your lip is trembling uncontrollably and you just KNOW you can't hold in the waterworks until you get inside your apartment. Crying is bad enough as it is, but crying in the middle of a major city while surrounded by loads of judge-y strangers, all of whom you know are at their judgiest right this very minute… ugh, right? Well here is your guide to all the sobbing-specific oases the city has to offer.

The NYC Crying Guide maps out all of the best and worst places to cry in NYC so you’ll know exactly where to go for the most hassle-free weep-fest. Excellent locations include the 7 train (“No matter what time of day, every single person on the 7 train is in a deep sleep or stupor. Feel free to cry as audibly as you want on this train — no one will EVER look at you!”) and — somewhat surprisingly — the Build-A-Bear Workshop on 5th Avenue (“I built the perfect nurse-firefighter bear AND all the employees completely ignored the fact that I was crying during the whole building process”). On the other hand, you may want to avoid the AT&T location at 475 5th Avevnue,writes our erstwhile crier, “No. No no. NO! Terrible…. When they saw my eyes full of tears they ignored it and looked away while continuing to push new phones on me.” Because obviously the best way to deal with someone falling apart at the seams is by trying to sell them an overpriced phone attached to an equally overpriced plan.

NYC Crying Guide is a relatively new project, so expect plenty more locations to be added soon. And hey, if you’ve got places you swear by or never set foot in, you can even drop a line with your tip to the Tumblr’s mastermind. Oh, and if you need a good commute cry...

Cry well, ladies and gents!

Image: NYC Crying Guide