Chase Is Having A Good Time Post-'Bachelorette'

by Lindsey Kupfer

Hometown dates are upon us, which means there’s only four new episodes in JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette. It also means that filming of the show ended over two months ago and these contestants have gone back to their normal lives (except for the winner, who’s patiently awaiting his moment to be in public with his new fiancé). So, what has Bachelorette contestant Chase McNary been doing since the show ended? He went back to Colorado and, according to social media, he’s been pretty low key since his return. Is that a sign he’s the winner? I don’t know, but it would be a great surprise considering it’s been the Jordan Rodgers show the last few weeks.

Chase’s presence on the show is pretty sparse. I don’t mean that to be rude in anyway, but it’s a little reminiscent of Marcus Grodd or Tanner Tolbert who made it pretty far, yet not close enough. Although it’s worth noting both of them found love on Bachelor in Paradise. That could be Chase’s fate. Monday on the show, Chase will be bringing JoJo home to his family in Colorado. This is pretty much his chance to stand out above the rest or she could be tell him to stay where he’s at, which would be pretty unfortunate since Chase kind of seems like the only decent dude at the moment.

In the meantime, let’s talk about what Chase has been doing since the show ended. He’s been pretty mysterious — and very self-promotional.

Tweeting And Retweeting Roses

His Twitter is filled with pictures of roses. We get it. You’re on The Bachelorette. Let’s talk about something else, like who you are as a human? Maybe?

Watching The Bachelorette

Pretty much every contestant watches their own season of the show, so it’s no surprise that he watches and live tweets the show. He even watched the re-run on July 4.

Stood Shirtless On A Mountain

Chase went to Lake Seminoe in Wyoming where he climbed a mountain and took off his shirt. Well done, Chase.

Meeting Fans At Concerts

Back in June he headed to a Jason Aldean concert and dropped a pin where he’d be tailgating at. “Highlight tonight: @Jason_Aldean and I wear the exact same thing. And meeting everyone who recognized me and said hi. #dontbeshy,” he tweeted.

Memorial Day Golfing

Over Memorial Day Chase spent some time on the golf course at The Ridge at Castle Pines North in Colorado with his parents. “Golf is a game of focus and finesse. Often while drinking. Here's the stoke,” he captioned a video of himself.


You can follow everything he’s been up to this summer on his Snapchat account.

Back To Work

According to his LinkedIn, he’s still working as a sales representative for Mountain States Medical in Colorado.

So, will he win JoJo's heart? If not he seems like he's got a pretty good life in Colorado, at least.

Images: ABC/Adam Larkey