Engagement Ring Shopping? There's An App For That

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Engagement rings are generally a big part of a proposal, but it turns out you no longer have to be engaged — or even dating anyone — to try them on. The Say Yes! app lets you virtually try on engagement rings at your leisure, right from your phone... because there is an app for everything, these days.

How does it work? Developed by the Russian-based company, Try On Guru, Say Yes! uses a phone’s camera to scan the user’s hand. Once a picture of your hand is uploaded, the user can then virtually try on more than 200 rings from Amazon’s online store. The app not only gives you an idea of how each diamond dazzler looks on your ring finger, it will also showcase the price for each engagement ring and allow you to curate a "wishlist" of your preferred options. If a user is interested in actually purchasing one of the rings, you can also navigate to the official store page via the app.

This isn’t the first ring app that the company has created. Earlier this year, it released the similar themed Shop 4 Rings. But Say Yes! reportedly improves on its predecessor with an easy and extremely user-friendly set-up.

If you feel like you're heading towards engagement, this app can certainly be useful for giving your partner a hint as to what kinds of rings you gravitate to. But even if you're single or not quite there in your relationship, it also sounds like just a fun way to pass the time. "Trying on" as many diamonds as you please without feeling guilty about taking up an employee's time or straying way outside your budget? What's not to like?

Images: Joe Raedle/Getty Images; Giphy