Finn Is OK In 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'... Probably, According To John Boyega

Have you been sleeping OK since you watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens? If not, that's fine, me neither. I guess you've probably been tossing and turning over the one question insomniac Finn-fanatics (Finn-atics?) have been asking themselves: Will Finn be OK in Star Wars Episode VIII after that coma? I'm euphoric to confirm that we finally have an answer straight from the source. Actor John Boyega spoke at Star Wars Celebration in London on the topic Sunday, and gave a pretty interesting answer. During a lull in his interview, a member of the audience I want to send a thank you note to hollered for "Spoilers!" While the presenter explained that "we’re not going to do that here" he did ask to "address something here without spoilers for people who are deeply concerned about Finn, because when we left Finn he was in a coma, so can you reassure us he’ll actually walk round and talk and move?"

Boyega's reaction was classic. The consummate professional was so uncomfortable at the thought of spoiling anything that he full-on squirmed in his seat and made a noise that sounded like an affirmative “yeauuuhhhhh." He then clarified: "The story is very very interesting … it’s very very interesting just to keep it secret." Sure. But I think we can take this as basically almost maybe a yes, right?

Director Ryan Johnson took the heat off Boyega with a witty comeback for the question, explaining, "We did at some point think it would be cool to have him in a coma for the whole film. You just keep coming back to him." So... again, that's a yes, he's OK right?

In addition to maybe commenting on Finn's fate, Boyega seemed keen to show off his great dynamic with the new director. He commented that it was "awesome" working with Johnson. "I always like to say he’s doing an indie movie within a studio franchise. The characters are being pushed in a new direction in a very very cool way. We’re having fun."

It certainly sounds like it. Boyega explained that while he's won one of the biggest roles in the world, his life hasn't changed that much, saying, "I just got back from [British supermarket chain] Tescos and no one bothered me," which sounds pretty much ideal. Literally all the fun of playing a lead in Star Wars and none of the being hassled for autographs.

And, if you still weren't sure he was having fun, he expanded on why shooting the new Star Wars has been such a blast.

I’m enjoying my time with the new members of cast. And, obviously Ryan’s great and has brought a new energy and a new take on Star Wars and it feels like Star Wars, but then we have a new director to lead us. It’s really, really fun. I’m having fun.

Would he be having enough fun to use the word "fun" three times in the course of thirty seconds if his character was in a coma? I think not. In short, Finnatics, I think we're good to get a full night's shuteye on the reg from now on. It looks like Finn is probably going to be OK.

Reporting by Kelsea Stahler.

Images: Disney (2)