'Arranged' Isn't The Only Show About Finding Love

by Kayla Hawkins

The couples from FYI's Arranged have been struggling to get along after being placed together by religious and cultural traditions that kept them from cohabitation before marriage, and it's made for a frustrating yet relatable season of television. Since these three couples are preparing for their final appearance in the Season 2 finale on July 19, viewers who have followed their journeys need to know if Arranged will return for Season 3. FYI has yet to announce when or if a new season will premiere, but since ratings are reportedly at a low but not absolutely terrible .11 million in the 18-49 demo, according to Nielsen via ShowBuzzDaily, the cable network could bring back this series to give viewers another look at what it's like for couples who don't have the chance to get to know one another very well before saying their vows.

FYI's most successful series are about relationships that may be less common to viewers, and Arranged fits perfectly alongside Married at First Sight, Bride and Prejudice, and Teenage Newlyweds. And in addition to those three series, there are actually plenty of TV shows out right now that are about looking for love in many different ways. So while you're waiting to find out if Arranged will return next summer, catch up on some of these reality shows.

Dating Naked

The weirdest possible way to fall in love with someone has got to be while both of you are trying to avoid getting sunburn on your more sensitive areas. But for the cast of Dating Naked, the actual nakedness isn't what gets them down — it's the emotional nakedness of what they're looking for and whether or not they have any chemistry. A willingness to have fun is a requirement.

Bachelor In Paradise

Summer's most delicious treat, Bachelor in Paradise explores what it's like to be in a very unique situation: a Bachelor or Bachelorette veteran who didn't find love. Instead of returning to normal dating, they all gather on a beach to mingle with the rest of the castoffs. Occasionally, love strikes in between tropical storms.

Marriage Boot Camp

Celebrity couples might seem to split all the time, but they care about preserving their union just like anyone else. And if you're famous and don't want to get divorced, that might mean showing up to Marriage Boot Camp to see if it cam whip you into shape.


The women on WAGS all just so happen to be dating — and married to — professional athletes. The most fascinating part of this series has got to be the strict hierarchy between the women.

Famously Single

If you think finding a significant other is difficult as a normal person, imagine doing it if you had a little bit of fame. It's not easy for the celebs on Famously Single to find the courage to go out on a limb and try to find a soulmate on their dating show. Watching it will make you happy that your own bad dates are not televised.

Love At First Kiss

Could you imagine using a single make-out session to determine whether or not the love is true? That's the fuel for Love at First Kiss, a TLC series with a premise that is definitely unique.

While Arranged shows one way that couples find each other, while you wait to find out if there will be additional seasons, these other shows about finding love in many different ways are a great substitute.

Images: Karolina Wojtasik/FYI; Giphy (4); Brian Bowen Smith/Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment