11 Celebrity Emoji Keyboards, Ranked For World Emoji Day

Every day is a holiday, and today is World Emoji Day. I'm going to take the opportunity presented by this hallowed day to honor celebrity emoji keyboards, from the classic Kimoji to the much more inexplicable (Charlie) Sheenoji. Celebrity keyboards fall in the category of things that would have been impossible to explain or predict 10 years ago, which makes them a fascinating subject.

There are many factors that go into a good celebrity emoji keyboard, which I took into careful consideration in this ranking system. First, there's authenticity. While I don't expect any of these celebrities to actually draw their own little symbols, the experience is better if it feels like the celebrity has had even peripheral involvement with the app. Second, there's usability. The original Kimoji mostly featured Kim making the same face with different hairstyles and accessories. It's difficult to express the nuances of your plebeian life through Kim Kardashian's blonde bob, though I definitely tried. Kimojis have since improved so that you can actually use Kim and co's expressions as substitutes for your own, which is how emojis should work. Third, and perhaps most importantly, how creative and daring are the substitutes for sex and various body parts? This is foundational to any emoji keyboard.

Other factors that came into consideration were the cost of the app, sleekness of the interface, and how well it handles diversity and representation. With these factors in mind, these are all the celebrity keyboards, ranked in ascending order.

11. Sheenoji

Why anyone thought Charlie Sheen would be a good contender for an emoji keyboard is beyond me. The app is simultaneously irreverent and trying too hard, filled with jokes and references to Sheen's public breakdown that feel outdated and uncomfortable.

10. Ari by Ariana Grande

This keyboard definitely feels like an afterthought, which makes sense because it is basically a promotion for Ariana Grande's perfume, Ari by Ariana Grande. It does have the advantage of being free, and the pastel and girly aesthetic perfectly fits Grande, but it doesn't include enough emojis to be in the running.

9. Fetty Wap Emoji

Fetty Wap had barely become famous before he launched this keyboard in December. His emoji keyboard doesn't seem like it has enough to cover, with most of the images referencing "Trap Queen" or his distinctive single eye.

8. Wizmoji

Wiz Khalifa's emoji keyboard is mostly devoted to his favorite pastime, and it's a great download for anyone looking for a 4/20 friendly app. While the illustrations are pretty good, the keyboard is a little one-note.

7. Justmoji

Justin Bieber is a logical celebrity to have an emoji keyboard, and Justmoji is delightfully self-aware, with cute cartoons illustrating his lowest points. However, the mix of different styles of graphics makes the app seem a little scattered, and $2.99 is steep for an emoji keyboard.

6. Future Emoji

Future doesn't seem like a natural fit for an emoji keyboard, but Future Emoji does a pretty good job turning the rapper into a cartoon. It's definitely not suitable for work. If Future himself didn't have much to do with making this app, a serious fan did.

5. StephMoji

Stephen Curry is one of the first athletes to get into the emoji business, and his StephMoji are a charming mix of basketball images and the wholesome family values he's known for. They're really cute.

4. Rick Ross Emoji

The rapper's big personality and love of opulence is the perfect fit for this medium, and the Rick Ross Emoji keyboard is surprisingly adorable. The app does a great job capturing Ross from his pinky ring to his ankle monitor.

3. Chymoji

Blac Chyna's launch of her emoji keyboard was another step toward either destroying or joining the Kardashian family, and many considered it a knockoff of Kimoji. However, the brightly colored app is definitely her own aesthetic, and her Chymoji announcement of her pregnancy was a move if ever there was one.

2. MuvaMoji

Amber Rose's MuvaMoji offers a very cool keyboard with a ton of stickers and options. It's super risqué, with an admirable array of symbolic (and occasionally diseased) eggplants to choose from, but it also explores the themes of consent and sex positivity that Amber Rose espouses.

1. Kimoji

Kim Kardashian's Kimoji app started it all, and it even broke the app store. It's gradually improved to include a wide array of Kim's facial expressions, iconic moments from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and other members of the Kardashian family. Sure, some of the text bubble offerings seem more like what a marketing team imagines the kids are saying these days than Kim's notorious valley girl-isms, but this is still the best celeb emoji keyboard.

Why not celebrate World Emoji Day by downloading a celebrity emoji keyboard? If none of these are what you're looking for, you can always check out what Drake's dad has to offer.