14 Of The Funniest MuvaMoji, Because Amber Rose's Emoji Line Is Both Useful & Hilarious

Amber Rose is one of the realest in every sense of the word. After becoming a big celebrity in her own right, following years of being known as "Kanye West's girlfriend," she has chosen to use her platform to empower women and speak out about women's issues. She's touched everything from being proud of your sexuality to issues with consent, gaining millions of fans along the way. In a new venture, Amber Rose has released MuvaMoji, an emoji keyboard with over 900 new emoji available for iPhone and Andriod. Because there are so many to choose from, I decided to look through them and find of the funniest MuvaMoji, which will come in handy for all sorts of situations.

As of the first day of its release, MuvaMoji is already number one on the iTunes app store, and Rose is giving Kim Kardashian's Kimoji app a run for her money. Speaking of Kardashian, Kanye West might want to stay away from the MuvaMoji app, because there are definitely some emojis that allude to, ahem, their little Twitter spat.

As usual, Rose doesn't hold back in defending herself and her sexuality, and the funny MuvaMoji below are perfect for the lady (or whoever) who simply won't take anything from anybody.

1. The Tiny Eggplant

Ya know, sometimes this is just more appropriate than the normal eggplant...

2. The Glorious Eggplant

And sometimes the normal eggplant needs to be taken up a notch...

3. The Girl Taking Prisoners

Muva Rose is representing for men and women who like to be a little more daring.

4. The Unapologetic Twerk

I can see this one totally killing it in a group text when you're planning your next girls' night out.

5. The Laser Hair Removal

Shout out to all the girls removing their under arm hair because they want to!

6. The All-Too-Familiar Screen

We have all been out and happy when this travesty happens. Your world stops spinning for a minute, but we all prevail.

7. The Time When Nothing Else Can Be Said

There are a few gentlemen I wouldn't mind sending this to right now.

8. The One Every Woman Will Relate To

It is refreshing to have an emoji with something that is such a huge part of most women's lives. It also seems to me like the best way to scare off any poor, unsuspecting dude through text, or a way to get someone to bring you cookies in bed. Whatever works best for you!

9. The Moments When You're Almost There

There is always some room for improvement!

10. The One For When You're Thirsty

Sometimes a swig straight from the champagne bottle is the only way to go.

11. The Literal Camel Toe

We have all fallen victim to this one. This emoji could make it easy to drop those hints to your friend with the leggings that are showing a little too much.

12. The One For the Weekend Warrior

The most straightforward way to update your friends on your status, so you can go crawl back under the covers and slowly wither away.

13. The Girl Who Likes The Finer Things In Life

Only Amber Rose would make an emoji of herself actually digging for gold. But ain't saying she a gold digger...

14. The One To Keep You Fresh

Maybe I am missing a deeper meaning to this. It just seems so random and funny — but oddly so appropriate for many things.

I can't wait to use some of these emojis ASAP and scare some men in the process. Just kidding! But kudos to Amber Rose for creating something that men and women from all walks of life can equally enjoy.