Which 'Arranged' Couples Are Still Together? They've Kept Working On Their Marriages Off-Camera

As they've attempted to navigate the newlywed waters of arranged marriages over the course of 10 episodes, the cast of FYI's Arranged has faced some difficult times. Despite the obstacles they faced, all of the Arranged couples are still together and judging from their post-TV social media posts and a few interviews they've given, some of these problems have been sorted out, while others are still a work in progress. When it comes to a lot of the issues shown on Arranged Season 2, though, it just seems to boil down to the stress of getting to know one another while also navigating the world as a newlywed.

The couple who seem to have completely settled down are Maneka and Meyur, even after their wedding day awkwardness and the pretty unique situation of both living and working together. According to a June 1 interview with The Knot, the couple has completely adjusted to their married life. "No one’s perfect and it’s so easy to give up, but someone has to say sorry first and let go of their egos," Maneka said. And the couple have chosen to make sure to give one another a little special treatment. Maneka said that Meyur "cooks a nice meal for me and it just makes me forget about the day I had," while she knows "the key to Mayur’s heart is through his stomach for sure!" They still haven't expanded their family, but they seem happy and excited, and, as Meneka told The Knot, "Our love keeps getting stronger for each other as we experience things together."

Ben and Vicki have also faced some tough times throughout the season. Their choice to adhere to Orthodox Judaism meant a lot of rules about touching one another, being in public together, and keeping kosher. Since Ben and Vicki weren't raised as religiously as they've chosen to live their adult lives, most of their conflicts have revolved around how two modern people can live within these traditional rules.

However, the couple has recently been posting pictures on Facebook that look both intimate and happy, showing they've been able to find a balance that has worked for them. I've been rooting for these two to make it, and I think that it's so sweet to see them sticking it out through the tough moments on Arranged.

David and Taylor's relationship seemed to face the hardest struggles on its way to the Arranged finale, but in an interview with The Knot from June 29, Taylor said that her marriage is still strong. "We are not continuing counseling any longer, but that day did open things up for us to have better communication," she said, after a dramatic counseling session made it onto Arranged and displayed their relationship's biggest issues, such as communication and Taylor's so-called "nagging." She hasn't stopped speaking her mind, because, as she told The Knot, "if I am ‘nagging’ about something, it’s because it is bothersome to me, and I would like him to work on it." But the couple has been posting pictures together on Facebook, so they seem to have found a dynamic that works for them.

Even after a dramatic season, the Arranged couples all managed to make it through their TV debut. And once the season comes to an end on July 19, rest assured that these three pairs are going to continue strengthening their relationships off-screen.

Image: FYI