Can You Catch Mew In "Pokemon Go"?

bi-weekly updates to the gameAs the famous Pokemon motto goes, "You gotta catch 'em all!" But for some "Pokemon Go" fans, they're focused on catching some of the more elusive and legendary little monsters, like the notoriously hard-to-catch Ditto, Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres from the Pokemon games of yore (aka, the '90s). So, can you catch Mew in "Pokemon Go"? A YouTube user named NesstendoYT posted a video in which he shows how he allegedly found Mew, as well as other rare Pokemon while data-mining the game (that means he went deep into the code infrastructure of the game), but don't get too excited just yet — "Pokemon Go" creator Niantic Labs has yet to confirm this information.

"Mew is in the game, which was a surprise," NesstendoYT claims in the video, while highlighting the text of the "Pokemon Go" code. "They may not be obtainable, but there's data for them in the game's file," the Youtuber continued. When, where, and how Mew can be caught in a Pokeball is still unknown, but Niantic Labs has stated that once the game's servers are finally stabilized, there will be bi-weekly updates to the game, according to Game Informer. "...We treat it as an ever-evolving game," Niantic CEO John Hanke said in the interview with Game Informer. "It’s not something that just sort of minted and then issued on launch day and not changed." In the interview, he also promised more depth to Pokestops and gyms, but updates could also include a Mew or Mewtwo — after all, Mewtwo appeared in the "Pokemon Go" trailer.

Mew is a mythical, psychic Pokemon who is the final creature in the Pokedex and may or may not possess the genetic composition of all of the existing species, according to Pokemon's official Pokedex. You may remember it frustrating you to no end during battles in the original Gameboy Pokemon games. The monster does not evolve, but it has the ability to be invisible, and the creature is so sought after in "Pokemon Go" that someone allegedly faked catching Mew, according to Nintendo News.

On July 13, Corey Selby claimed to have caught Mew and posted several images of his victory on Twitter, but Nintendo News and Metro UK reported that his photos are fake.

Selby had told Nintendo News that he had used Incense in his room and claimed that Mew showed up. But it can't be that easy to catch the Pokemon who has evaded even the most experienced trainers since the '90s. Perhaps its the legend of Mew — and its difficulty to capture — that makes the monster so hard to catch. That and Twitter is now flooded with fake and joke sightings of the creature.

So while Mew may still be elusive even in "Pokemon Go," there's a good chance you'll encounter the creature at some point in your quest to catch 'em all. Get your Pokeballs ready and watch your map closely. Mew is out there... probably.

Image: Toho