How Politicians Are Affecting Your Sex Life

For those who think politics and sex don't mix, the Lady Parts Justice League has got a message for you. A new video from these gallant crusaders for women's reproductive rights shows how politicians affect your sex life in a major way — and it's not very sexy.

Instead of appealing to women, the LPJ schools dudes about a vital feminist issue and how it can turn their sex lives sour. Hetero guys shouldn't be worried about their ladies fantasizing about another man in the bedroom, but worried how distracted from pleasure they are because of politicians trying to take away safe, affordable access to pap smears, birth control, and the right to an abortion. How could anyone hit it with the looming threat of losing their bodily autonomy?

Although it's an admittedly ridiculous angle to take on the subject — because men should care about women's rights without a selfish payoff — as the hot tub fairy says in the video, relating stuff back to guy's penises tends to make them listen.

So what's the solution to keep your sex life free from nosy right wingers? The video ends with some sound, actionable advice: "The only way to avoid a threeway with a creepy politician is to vote him out of your bedroom this November."

Images: LadyPartsJustice/YouTube