ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lippies Come In Many Shades

It's a gloss revolution. Yes, the matte lip will remain one of 2016's most dominant trends. But beloved budget and always on trend makeup brand ColourPop Cosmetics is launching a massive lip gloss range, so gloss is further asserting its dominance. Yes, there are three new mega matte Kylie Lip Kit shades coming, while Jeffree Star keeps launching new Velour Lip hues. So rest assured that the matte lip will remain. But the ColourPop gloss collection proves that the wet, slick, and mega shiny lip gloss texture has made an official comeback. Also, Kylie Jenner turned four Lip Kit shades into matching glosses, which went on sale for the first time last week. Ultimately, there is plenty of lip real estate available for all of these matte or shiny products.

ColourPop tested out the new Ultra Glossy collection with mini tubes sold over the Fourth of July holiday. The full range release date is TBD. But it's time to start planning ahead for when you can shop the full-sized range. How many ColourPop Ultra Glossy shades are there?

There will be something for everyone... really! There are 21 shades and four finishes total. So there are lots of lip looks on the horizon. ColourPop keeps its prices low, its quality high, and is always right there when it comes to trends.

This screen grab is from the ColourPop Snapchat, confirming that there are 21 shades on the way. Visually, you can tell that the collection clearly spans the color spectrum. So. Many. Options. And given ColourPop's commitment to affordability, you will be able to scoop up one, two, or six!

Here is the detailed description of the finishes. The Ultra Glossy lippies will come in Sheer, Sheer Metallic, Creme, and Ultra Metallic. That sounds like a whole lot of depth, dimension, and awesome that is soon-to-be-available for your lips.

That is some serious shine. The swatches make you yearn for the Ultra Glossy Lip collection, don't they?

Images: ColourPop Cosmetics/Instagram (1); ColourPop Snapchat (2)