Here's How To Shop The New Kylie Glosses

When Kylie Jenner restocked her Lip Kits on Fourth of July weekend, she made some maj changes. She began to sell select Lip Kit liner shades as singles and it was the biggest replenishment in the brand's nascent history. Customers were able to cruise onto the Kylie Cosmetics site, browse, and shop at will. Finally! Now, Jenner is launching gloss versions of some of her most popular Lip Kits on Friday, July 15. Candy K, Exposed, Koko K, and Posie K are all being translated into super shiny gloss form. I cannot wait to get my hands and lips on Candy and Koko as glosses! This is a monster move for the Kylie Cosmetics empire and the first Kylie Glosses update since she added the texture to her repertoire.

While it has been much easier to shop the Lip Kits, after months of frustration due to massive popularity and constant sellouts, I have one tip for successfully shopping the new Kylie Glosses shades.

Since the glosses are a new product and KLK lovers are both excited about and anxiously anticipating their arrival, chances are, these lippies will absolutely fly off the digital shelves. They may sell out on the quick, since they are the new gloss on the block and customers are going to want to try them right away. It's human nature to desire the shiny new object, which is quite literal in this case.

That means you need an established shopping plan before July 15.

I have a few essential tips, as someone who was able to successfully shop Kylie Lip Kits at the point during which they were most difficult to get. Yes, you need to know which shade(s) you want before you shop. Close out your browsers and other distractions.

But most importantly, do not delay. Do not wait till an hour or two after they go on sale. You should have a single browser open to the Kylie Cosmetics site at least 10 minutes before the on-sale time. Have your credit card at hand. When the glossy versions of Candy, Exposed, and ko. go on sale, have a one-track mind, toss the gloss(es) you want in your cart and checkout.

Do not go crazy with refreshing if the site is slow due to an overload of users on the site who may be shopping the Glosses or even other KLKs. Just have patience.

Good luck grabbing the gloss editions of Kylie Lip Kits. I can't wait!

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (5)