Where To Buy The Plus Size Sanrio Collection

by Gina Jones 2

Recently, I found myself compiling a list of the best Hello Kitty fashion collaborations and I realized that no one had yet designed a plus size range featuring this famous kitty cat. As if by reading my mind, Sanrio launched its first plus size line in collaboration with longtime plus size retailer Torrid on Jul. 14, Plus Model Magazine reported. The Hello Kitty x Torrid collection features 12 garments. From a classic Hello Kitty print sweater to a much more kitschy, cutesy Hello Kitty-inspired dress, this collection covers all types of styles while still featuring everyone's favorite cartoon feline.

So where can you cop the new Hello Kitty plus size collection? For starters, it's available online on the Torrid website —where the site is currently offering a buy two, get one free deal on the garments. You can also find the line in Torrid stores IRL, where you get the luxury of trying on items before purchasing and not dealing with shipping charges.

What I personally adore about this new collection isn't just the groundbreaking addition to the Hello Kitty fashion collaborations of the world, but the campaign itself. It's an advertising campaign that features plus size blogger, businesswoman, and all-around cuteness aficionado Amina Mucciolo, also known as Tassel Fairy and owner of Studio Mucci.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Collection Intarsia Sweater, $54.90, Torrid; Sanrio Hello Kitty Collection Chambray Halter Dress, $68.90, Torrid

The pure giddiness that Mucciolo shows both in her blog post about the photo shoot as well as her behind the scenes video of the Hello Kitty and Torrid collaboration show how long plus size people like Mucciolo — those of us who are obsessed both with Sanrio and all things adorable — have been waiting for this line.

By using a blogger who is passionate about this collaboration instead of a model, Torrid and Sanrio are also showing that they know how important this line could be to a league of cutely-styled plus size individuals.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Collection Tulle Midi Skirt, $54.90, Torrid

For those of us not especially bothered about Hello Kitty — how? — there are also designs in this collection that don't rely too heavily on the cat motif, as demonstrated in the skirt picture above. This Torrid collection is as varied as it is super cute. That means there's something for everyone in the 12-piece line that's currently available in sizes 10 to 30 for most garments.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Collection Plaid Shirt, $48.90, Torrid; Sanrio Hello Kitty Collection Bow Back Crop Top, $38.90, Torrid

So whether you're absolutely obsessed with this kitty cat or you're just looking for some fresh threads, be sure to check out the new Hello Kitty x Torrid line both in stores and online. If not to support the pretty kitty, then to support both brands' awareness of what the market wants, in representation and in design alike.

Images: Torrid x Sanrio