Poké Gifs For Every "Pokemon Go" Malfunction

As long as there has been "Pokemon Go," there have been server issues with "Pokemon Go." Much like the Doduos that overpopulate your area, it’s an inescapable, double-headed monster, existing solely to cause you epic anxiety. There are a multitude of feelings you go through when the "Pokemon Go" servers go down, but only so many ways you can explain them. But you know what, that’s why we have GIFs.

And not just GIFs for the moment you get that soulcrushing, “Our servers are experiencing issues, please come back later” message. No, I have GIFs for every kind of struggle you go through when you’re out trying to be the very best (like no one ever was). (Dun dun, dun nah.) From a constant inability to load to frequent crashing when you’re out trying to catch ‘em all, I captured the emotional rollercoaster the game puts us all through. And, better yet, I did it with the help of a few familiar faces.

So next time you’re bubbling up with so much rage you can’t form words, or crying so hard everything comes out gibberish, turn to these Poké-GIFs to explain that the servers have once again let you down.

1. When It Says You Have To Log Back In But, Like, You Didn't Do Anything Wrong

That's like 15 seconds wasted, how can you treat me this way?

2. When The Game Unexpectedly Quits While You're About To Pass A Poké Stop

Seriously? Do I have to just stand here and bring it back up now? I don't wanna be late to work, but I really need to stock up on Poké Balls.

3. When You've Been Staring At The Loading Screen For An Eternity

Oh God, no, something's horribly, horribly wrong.

4. When You're A Good Person Who Only Wants To Catch Some Poliwags And It Says The Servers Are Down

I've never felt more defeated in my life.

5. When Your Friend Is Having Server Issues And You Have To Leave Without Them

"GODSPEED, MY DEAR, GODSPE — oh, no, wait, mine just crashed, too."

6. When It Hasn't Been Cooperative All Day And You're Emotionally Devastated

You call out of work, saying there's been a death in the family.

7. When Your Friend Who Doesn't Play Remarks That "It's Just A Game" As You're Freaking Out

Listen, I hear you out when you complain about med school, don't just be flippant about my new career.

8. When You're Out With Your Poké Squad And You Decide To Keep Cool As The Servers Continue To Malfunction

Don't worry, fam, I'm going to check Twitter and see if they're working on fixing this.

9. When You're Low-Key Playing On A Third Date And All Of A Sudden The Game Stops Working

Hopefully your anger is adorable, although, if this kid doesn't understand the struggle, he's not the one.

10. When You Carved Out Some Time To Hunt For Rare Pokemon And The App Won't Cooperate

Why can't you just work? I didn't leave the house to walk around for leisure.

11. When You're At Pathmark Getting Groceries And Bulbasaurs And The Game Falters Again

So you start toppling boxes of Special K out of anger and need to be escorted out of the store.

12. When You Lose It At Your Cousin's Wedding Ceremony Because The Game Went Down As You Were About To Catch A Vaporeon

Honestly, Stacey's nuptials are probably a good cover for your hysterics.

See? The GIFs of the world have got you, even if the "Pokemon Go" servers don't.

Images: Pokemon GO; Giphy (12)