When Are The "Pokemon Go" Servers Back?

If you're chomping at the bit so hard you're starting to look like a Cubone wondering when the "Pokemon Go" servers are coming back, then trust me, you are far from alone. As you probably well know by now, the "Pokemon Go" servers are down this weekend, and have been for several hours. Considering Niantic just rolled out the app to a considerable portion of Europe today and that more "Pokemon Go" users have the day off than any other day of the week, we should probably be none too surprised — especially considering that the app is so popular it surpassed Tinder last week, and set records for engagement time (43 minutes a day, guys, which to me, a serious Pokemon trainer, seems a little bit weak).

Niantic is, of course, aware of the problem, and working on it as we speak. In the meantime, a "Pokemon Go" news Twitter account (not associated with Niantic) is updating users on the status of the app as fast as they can based on what information they can glean from the word wide web. Hopefully now that we know what the #problem is, it'll get resolved sooner rather than later, and we can all get to knocking into each other trying to catch Spearows in Central Park to get more candy the way God intended us to.

If you'd rather not refresh Twitter and your "Pokemon Go" app every five seconds, though, there's an easy way to get notifications to your phone letting you know when the server is back online. Hooks, the "notifications for everything" app, has created a notification to let users know the status of the "Pokemon Go" app so we'll all know the second it goes back online.

All you have to do is download Hooks in the App Store of for iPhone or Android and search for "Pokemon Go". In the meantime, if you're still not sure what to do with yourself, check out our ways to cope while "Pokemon Go" is down, or read some of the best reactions to "Pokemon Go" being down on Twitter. Good luck out there, fellow trainers. We'll get through this and live to yell about a Zubat in the middle of a crosswalk another day.

Images: The WB; Hooks