Millennials Can Quote These '00s TV Lines By Heart

by Emily Lackey

There is one thing that all millennials who grew up in the ‘00s know about, and that is television. Without fail, if you lived through this incredible decade, there are certain quotes from ‘00s shows that every millennial knows. And every time you hear these quotes uttered, they bring you right back to the first time you heard them, sitting in front of the television set, and watching with slack-jawed awe as your favorite TV characters spoke lines that would one day become totally famous. Because it was definitely a glorious time to be watching TV. With some of the best shows coming from that single decade, these lines are memorable for a reason. The decade was full of some of the best television writing the world has ever seen, which is why these quotes are so worth remembering.

Whether you were sitting in your dorm room watching the latest episode with your closest friends or going through a summer binge of multiple seasons in a row, wherever you were in life and in the world, these famous quotes are ones that all millennials grew up loving. In fact, I'm willing to bet that most millennials still love them, if only for the memories.

1. “We Were On A Break” (Friends)

The line that Ross made famous after he slept with another woman during a break from his relationship with Rachel. This moment — and this line — sparked debates all over America.

2. “I Want To Burn This Place Down” (Mad Men)

Joan, who always kept a smile on her face and her words kind, revealed how she really felt about Sterling Cooper with this one killer line.

3. “That’s What She Said” (The Office)

Said so many times over the course of the series that it would be hard to keep track, this line went on to be a popular phrase and the punchline of everyone’s pervy jokes.

4. “Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do” (Lost)

John Locke says this famous line in a flashback of Lost, where audiences learned he was a paraplegic before landing on the island and getting lost.

5. “Welcome To The O.C., B*tch” (The O.C.)

Poor Ryan got the crap beat out of him by some blonde bully during his first few days in the O.C., and this line became infamous for the series and the location.

6. “I Am The One Who Knocks” (Breaking Bad)

Walter White had some pretty famous scenes in his day, but no line is more famous than this one.

7. “I Want To Go To There” (30 Rock)

Another line that became the catchphrase for millennials everywhere, Liz Lemon made this quote famous in all of her awkward glory.

8. “According To Google, You Don’t Exist” (Grey’s Anatomy)

Thank you, Christina Yang, for more amazing quotes than any millennial knows what to do with.

9. “Simmer Down Now” (Saturday Night Live)

Nadeen, played perfectly by Cheri Oteri, made this catchphrase famous in sketches that ran through the early ‘00s.

10. “Oy, With The Poodles Already” (Gilmore Girls)

One of the most famous lines from the series every millennial loves, Lorelai Gilmore made this one memorable in response to her mother’s perseverating.

11. “Here It Is, Your Moment Of Zen” (The Daily Show)

This was our cue to turn off the TV every night, and it was always a great way to end the day.

12. “Treat Yo’ Self” (Parks And Recreation)

The line that launched a thousand spending sprees.

13. “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” (Friday Night Lights)

Thank you Coach Taylor and the Dillon Panthers for introducing all of us to the line that would inspire endless football games and storylines over the course of the show.

Now wasn’t that a fun walk down memory lane? Makes you want to go out and watch all of these shows again, doesn’t it? You're welcome.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy (13)