People Describe The First Time They Got Off

Do you remember your first orgasm? Was it eye-popping ecstasy, or more like a weird pleasurable sneeze? In a new BuzzFeed video, people describe their first orgasm and the strange reactions they had to the life-changing experience. To achieve maximum realness, the descriptions are plucked from the secret-spilling app, Whisper where real people dish about their personal lives in total anonymity.

I remember my eighth grade biology teacher trying to describe what an orgasm feels like to a confused class. Although there was plenty of internet porn in existence at the time, you still couldn't Google sex-positive educational videos, and instead had to rely on other people or books for that kinda thing. (I know, I'm old.) After talking around the subject for a while amidst uncontrollable, immature giggling, my teacher decided to settle on the following description: you know it's an orgasm if it feels good and your toes involuntarily curl. This sounded really weird at the time, but a decent description, given how she pretty much had the task of describing color to those living in a black and white world.

Watch this SFW video to see the diverse reactions folks have to discovering their first sexual release:

Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle