5 Shocking Facts About The Female Orgasm

by Olivia Gatwood

For years, people have placed male and female orgasm in entirely different categories. From what it looks like to what it feels like, according to society, men and women may as well be speaking completely different sexual languages when they get off. And while many of these supposedly harsh differences are false, according to a new Cosmo survey, it looks like there are some significant disparities between how often men and women experience the Big O. And when I say significant, I mean huge. It’s no surprise that the female orgasm is a bit, say, more nuanced than the male orgasm. There are more faces of the female orgasm and women across the world have engaged in heated debates about what an orgasm does and doesn’t look like. While a male orgasm is, well, pretty upfront. What is surprising, however, is how few straight men seem to care if their partner finishes or not. Like, who does that? Apparently a lot of people. The infographic, which focuses on heterosexual couples, isn’t filled with great news, but it is useful news. You might want to start a contact list of people to forward it to, because it seems like they need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

1. Over half of women orgasm most or every time they have sex with a partner.

57 percent is a pretty good number, considering some statistics about faking it that say otherwise. But get this ...

2. 95 percent of straight women say their male partner orgasms every time.

That’s a pretty huge gap. I haven’t succeeded at anything 95 percent of the time, unless you count inhaling a donut the size of my face in under seven minutes.

3. 72 percent of women say when their partners finish before them, they don’t help them finish too.

Um, ok. Manners anyone? Are sexual etiquette classes offered anywhere? What, you just ejaculate and walk away? Or collapse on top of your girlfriend and suffocate her with your sweaty body? I have so many questions and zero answers.

4. Good thing the majority of women achieve orgasm through masturbation.

Because nobody knows how to do us better than we do ourselves. Vaginal and clitoral stimulation come (pun intended) in second and third, while oral sex shockingly places fourth. Do everyone a favor and visit your local sex shop for a cunnilingus workshop.

Finally, some good news!

5. 96 percent of women aged 30 and up report having had an orgasm.

Who said getting old was a bad thing? Sounds like a party to me. Bring it on, adulthood.

Check out the infographic below:

Images: Fotolia; Giphy (5); Cosmopolitan