Chase's 'Bachelor' Prospects Don't Look Good

Here's the thing about reality dating — in order to be a stand-out or fan favorite, you have to not only be likable, but relatively open about your feelings. I mean, the whole point of watching shows like this is to watch other people's emotions be put on display and revel in all of the drama that inevitably unfolds. So you aren't willing to put your heart out there, it's difficult for viewers to really root too hard for you, which is exactly why I don't think that The Bachelorette 's Chase will become the next Bachelor. Because as much as I like the guy in a wholesome, good guy way, I don't really feel like I know that much about him to truly be invested in his love life.

Don't get me wrong, he's definitely attractive and he's come a long way in trying to express his feelings to JoJo, which is very admirable, especially for someone that's clearly an introvert. But I don't think he's currently at a point where a reality series could be centered around him. Even describing his personality is difficult because he doesn't really have much of a personality, or at least not the one he's been portraying when the cameras are rolling.

Being a suitor is one thing when you have 25 other guys trying to get noticed, but when you're the actual Bachelor a lot of the focus is on you and you alone. I'm having a hard time picturing Chase being ready for that kind of full-on attention or even wanting it in the first place. He doesn't look at ease in front of a camera, which is totally fine and not at all a detriment to his overall character. But in order to be a star of any series, let alone a dating competition, you have to be comfortable letting you life get put on display. And yeah, saying more than a few words every week is kind of mandatory when you're the one looking for love.

I have no doubt in my mind that Chase is a great guy. In fact, I immediately liked him when JoJo's suitors were first introduced. But when it comes to potential Bachelor candidates, I'm afraid he falls a little short, especially when there are other stand out options like James Taylor and Luke who may be interested in the gig as well. You need outgoing personalities to bring in the high ratings and that's something I'm just not sure this guy can deliver.

Chase is cool and definitely deserves to end up with his own version of happily ever after, whether it's with JoJo or not. (Probably not, though.) I just don't think that love story is meant to be played out on the small screen. So unless he steps it up during these hometown visits, Chase may be saying goodbye not just to JoJo this week, but to his chances of Bachelor-hood as well.

Images: Adam Larkey/ABC (2)