What Are Maya & Lyric From 'EJNYC' Doing Now? These Talented Sisters Have Achieved A Lot Since E! Wrapped

EJNYC was a great introduction to stars and Magic Johnson progeny EJ and Elisa Johnson's NYC life. But with that came the introduction of their friends, sisters Lyric and Maya McHenry, who were two of the most entertaining members of the cast. But, the season is coming to an end, so what have Lyric and Maya been up to since EJNYC wrappedMaya is one of Elisa's best friends, and was by her side all season long, while Lyric provided the voice of reason for her sister and for most of the cast, since she's a little bit older and has a typical 9-5 job that kept her a little more busy and forced to be slightly more conservative. 

Both sisters are fascinating in their own right, even totally outside of their relationships with the Johnson siblings. And, since the show's first season finale completed filming, these two have still been incredibly busy and somehow making this hot, muggy New York City summer look like the back of a postcard combined with an editorial from Vogue. I highly recommend following both of these sisters on Instagram, because they're a great, entertaining follow. These sisters may have started out EJNYC Season 1 as sidekicks, but they've entered the offseason as stars. 

Maya Just Turned 21


This cast is pretty young, and Maya just celebrated turning 21! Flowers and a bedazzled choker made this birthday seem more fun than the average college student's. 

Lyric Is Working With Refinery29


If you want to see Lyric have more fun in front of the camera, she did a beauty video with Refinery29. 

Maya Is Still With Her Boyfriend


He wasn't beloved by her mom and her sister didn't want him moving into her apartment, but Nick and Maya are still hanging out together nonstop, at least according to what she's been posting on Instagram lately. It seems like nothing can keep these two apart. 

Lyric Is Relaxing


During the season, Lyric was working and being the serious older sister, so she didn't get the chance to relax as often as Maya, but it looks like she's been taking some time off this summer. 

Maya Made A Style Change


During the season, Maya kept her hair pin straight, but now that it's wrapped, she recently made a chance, switching things up and wearing natural curls. 

Lyric Is Honoring Her BFF EJ


Lyric and EJ's relationship didn't get that much screentime during the season, but they've been hanging out together since the show wrapped. 

They Both Worked With Their Co-stars


Kyle recruited Elisa, Lyric, and Maya to join a video presentation of LaQuan Smith's new collection, combining her work as a model with her new job as a reality TV star. And the collection looks amazing on Maya, Elisa, and the rest of the models. 

Hopefully EJNYC will get a Season 2 so we can keep up with this sisters!

Image: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment

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