What Has Elisa Johnson Been Doing Since 'EJNYC' Stopped Filming? She's Totally Adjusted To The Spotlight

The cast of EJNYC has partied, traveled, and argued all summer long, but sadly the first season of the show is about to come to an end on July 20. But, since the cameras stopped rolling, what is Elisa Johnson up to after EJNYC? During the season, she was slightly overshadowed by her brother, who likes to tease his sister for what he views as her inability to deal with being single and questionable taste in guys, but she definitely got her chance to prove that she's probably a lot of fun to hang out with, as are her friends, who also love to tease Elisa for her romantic taste.

But, there were serious moments, too, like when Elisa got emotional over her relationship with her biological mother, and when she and her brother went to Flint in order to help out during the worst part of the city's ongoing water crisis. They connected with their parents' families and got the opportunity to give back. And this mix of being a carefree young adult and getting a chance to give back because of her privileged background is part of what makes Elisa Johnson so cool — and why she's entertaining to follow even when she's not going to be on cable TV.

She's Still A Student

Elisa may be chilling during EJNYC, but soon, she'll be back in school at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Remember, while her brother and his friends are working on their careers, she's still finishing her education.

She Knows Another Reality Star

Stephon Mendoza made an appearance on Elisa's Instagram — and he's also one of the stars of F in Fabulous on BET. Making friends with fellow reality TV stars is an update for Elisa since EJNYC has come to an end.

She's Spending Some Time In LA

While Elisa has been in New York for school and for the show, over the summer she's spent some time back home in Beverly Hills.

She's Celebrating With A New Look

During the season, Elisa almost exclusively wore black, body con, sheer looks, just like her brother, but she changed it up in favor of this all-denim ensemble chosen for the Fourth of July.

She's Not Jumping Into Another Relationship

While Elisa chose to crash both her apartment and EJ's St. Marteen trip with uninvited guests, for the moment it looks like Elisa doesn't have a new dude, so maybe she's starting to embrace the single life.

You Can Follow Her On Snapchat

If you just can't get enough of Elisa, you can also follow her on Snapchat at elisajohnsonn. Even when the camera isn't rolling, Elisa is fun to watch, and since she's a star in the social media era, there's luckily lots of places to keep up with her.